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Greetings from the department head

The period from infancy to childhood is considered to be an important period for cultivating the foundations of character and ability to survive throughout life, and system reform of early childhood education and elementary education is currently progressing rapidly, especially in developed countries.Given this trend, I would like to offer my sincere support to all of you who wish to take up meaningful work in which you are responsible for the lives of children and support their learning.

The Department of Elementary Education looks at society and culture from a global perspective and offers a variety of learning programs from both theoretical and practical perspectives.I am confident that what you learn in this department will help you in your future.



Child education course

Child education course

We aim to obtain an elementary school teacher's license (type XNUMX) and a kindergarten teacher's license (type XNUMX).We aim to become elementary school and kindergarten teachers who are broadly interested in the social conditions surrounding children and have a deep understanding of their psychology, behavior, and learning process.

Early childhood education course

Early childhood education course

We aim to obtain a kindergarten teacher's license (type XNUMX) and childcare qualification.We aim to become nursery teachers and kindergarten teachers who can cultivate children's intelligence and sensitivity and create a rich childcare environment.


Unique classes

Tateyama Program (Primary Education Project)

With the cooperation of the Tateyama City Board of Education, this is a project in which students from the Department of Elementary Education study together with children in the third grade and above of elementary schools in Tateyama City at the Bohshu Dormitory, studying together, deepening interactions, and having fun together. .Many children participate every year.


Graduate Schools
(Human Education Major)