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Science the mind and utilize it in society

  • From 2023

    Career preparation course

  • about the Department of Ppsychology

    About the Department of Psychology

    This page introduces an overview of the department, including a message from the department chair, the four areas of psychology, and the characteristics of the department.

  • Faculty members

    Teacher introduction

    16 faculty members with diverse expertise are waiting for you.

  • Carriculum


    Students will learn the broad basics of psychology and advance to a variety of specialized fields.

  • License & Certification

    Certificates Granted

    We have a comprehensive support system centered on the qualifications to take the Certified Psychologist exam.

  • Career


    We introduce the career path after graduation, such as employment and further education.

  • Graduate School of Psychology

    Collaboration with graduate schools

    Graduates of the Department of Psychology can enter the graduate school majoring in psychology after passing the internal recommendation entrance examination and the general entrance examination.