The three major strengths of Showa Women's University's Department of Japanese and Japanese Literature are the ability to pursue Japanese language and culture professionally, the variety of opportunities to put what you have learned into practice, and the extensive range of subjects that allow you to broaden your horizons. It's a feature.The power of words and insight cultivated in an environment where you can learn both language and literature will be utilized in all kinds of situations even after you enter society, and will enrich your life.

Public lecture information
This year's theme for the Showa Women's University Japanese Language Open Lecture is ``Dismantling ``discussion.''It was held at Showa Women's University Aurora Hall on Saturday, October 5, 10 from 28:13.Past event reportsplease use this form.

The PDF version of the XNUMX “pamphlet for examinees” isplease use this form.(PDF2.6MB), HTML version isplease use this form.You can view it at
The four years of each student's life cannot be covered in the pamphlet.Each story isplease use this form.

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