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Training new female leaders
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Everyone in the world can feel safe
Creating a welfare society.

Starting from April 2021, the Department of Welfare Sociology will be working to meet the needs of society even more than ever before.
We have also revised the department's curriculum to support your own career development.

People who want to support everyone in the world so that they can live a safe life, or who want to participate in creating a welfare society.
If you are thinking about this, please open the door to the Department of Welfare Sociology.

We aim to help everyone acquire expertise in social work and use their skills to solve social issues.
We are preparing the curriculum (educational content) for the new department and are waiting for you.

*We will stop recruiting students for the Speech-Language-Hearing Therapist course starting in 2023.
There will be no changes to the training of social workers, mental health workers, and childcare workers.

The curriculum tree shows the annual progression of the curriculum, connections between class subjects, etc.
This diagram illustrates the systematicity of the curriculum.

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