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Deepen your expertise in English and become a person who will lead the global era.

Curriculum Vitae

In the first year, students improve their English skills and acquire a wide range of knowledge through introductory subjects. In the second year, students will experience studying abroad to broaden their international perspective, and in the third year, they will choose a major from "Culture/Language" or "International Communication."

Study Abroad

Study Abroad

Study abroad programs incorporated into the curriculum.Studying abroad at the Showa Boston School, which is an overseas campus, is distinctive.In addition, it is possible to pursue a degree from a university in the United States or Australia, or to study abroad at Temple University Japan Campus while staying in Japan.

English Skills

From the first year to the third year, compulsory subjects are established to steadily improve the four English skills.In addition to English reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills, students will acquire critical thinking skills to gather, verify, and accurately communicate information in English.



The Department of English Language and Communication offers free TOEIC test opportunities three times a year.We also provide free opportunities to take the IELTS test, which is required for certified study abroad programs.We fully support students in improving their English skills and preparing for study abroad.

Academic Skills

Academic Skills

Students participate in small-group seminars from their first year to their fourth year.In the seminars, students learn academic skills necessary for university life, such as how to write reports and give presentations. In the fourth year, students will research and write their graduation thesis.



The employment rate for 2022 graduates is 99.3%.We have produced graduates who are active globally, including as United Nations staff, foreign-affiliated companies, and major domestic companies.Since it is also possible to obtain an English teaching license, there are many students who pass the teaching license exam every year.

About Our DepartmentCurrent status of the Department of English Language and Communication

Students actively learn at home and abroad,
We have an environment where we can be active.

``20th Century Britain'' to learn about British society from multiple perspectives

"Learn in English"

In order to improve your English ability, you need to improve your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, and develop your thinking skills, which support these skills.At higher levels, learning methods that integrate skills and thinking skills are effective. From "learning English" to "learning in English".The Department of English Language and Communication offers advanced learning.
20th Century Britain is a class in which teachers from BST (The British School in Tokyo), located on the campus of Showa Women's University, give lectures in English about Britain in the 20th century in an omnibus format.Covers a wide range of topics including class society, women's suffrage, David Bowie and changing cultural norms, 1980s graphic design, Thatcherism, New Labor and new art.
After the lecture, each student will give a presentation based on their theme and deepen their understanding of each topic through discussion. By looking at 20th century Britain from multiple angles, you will develop an eye for seeing today's Britain and the wider world, develop thinking skills, and acquire the ability to take action.

Study abroad in Boston Visit and learn about the places you saw in history textbooks

"Experience as power"

The knowledge and skills you acquire through classes and books form the basis of your studies.Through repeated practice, it will become your own.In order to make knowledge and skills come to life, it is necessary to "use them yourself."The experience of seeing with your own eyes, hearing with your ears, and touching with your hands will transform your knowledge and skills into powerful confidence.
Many people have probably heard of the Boston Tea Party in history class. Students who studied abroad in Showa Boston in the fall of 2021 visited a museum that recreated the stage of the Boston Tea Party and had a simulated experience of the tea party in the 18th century.Showa Boston offers a wide range of field trip-style classes where students actually go out into the city to learn.
Other tours include the Plimoth Plantation, a recreation of the homes of early American immigrants, and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, site of "the world's most serious theft."

"Empowerment Setagaya" to deepen interaction with foreigners living in Tokyo

"Challenge and Growth"

In the Department of English Language and Communication, students not only learn English but also use English to improve their English communication skills.In addition, through the experience of connecting with society, students acquire independence, responsibility, independence and autonomy, and a sense of collaboration.
``Empowerment Setagaya'' mainly consists of students in the Department of English Language and Communication who help out with the ``Japanese Traditional Culture Meeting'' (organized by Soroptimist Tokyo-Sakura), and collaborate with Setagaya Ward's Culture and International Affairs Division to provide ``Town Walks'' for foreigners. We were conducting a tour.
Starting in 2021, we are implementing a new online program, "Japa Chat."We use new media to provide people who are learning Japanese with a place to practice Japanese conversation.

study voice

\This is what English comics are like! /

English comics are a place where you can grow!

From the time I entered the university, I had a goal to score 3 on the TOEIC by my third year, and to find what I wanted to do and what I liked.At Eikomi, I am motivated because I have teachers who answer questions about English and other topics, friends who are active in extracurricular activities, and a wide variety of tests such as TOEIC that can be taken for free on campus. Ta.I was able to spend my time always having specific goals in mind (I want to get ○○ points on the next TOEIC test! I'll try volunteering too!).I also had the opportunity to study abroad at Temple University Japan Campus.As a result, I was able to achieve my goal of 800 points and was able to expand my knowledge from my study abroad and volunteering experiences.It's an environment where you can grow not only in your English skills but also as a person.

KO, 4th grade student at the time of photo shoot

British comics are a place where self-actualization is possible with the theme of “challenge”

We provide an environment where you can grow yourself through not only studying abroad but also project activities.There are many highly motivated students, so you can communicate with many people, take on challenges together with other students, and achieve your goals.The great thing about English comics is that you can look ahead to your future during your four years at university.

RY, 3rd grade student at the time of photo shoot