Study/research support system

Long-term student system

Since April 18, we have introduced a "long-term study student system." This is a system that allows students who are limited in the number of credits they can earn or time for research in a year due to reasons such as work, nursing care, childbirth or childcare, to take a planned long-term curriculum after being screened after admission. The study period for long-term students is a maximum of 4 years for master's and master's programs, and a maximum of 4 years for doctoral programs, and students can complete their studies by paying tuition and other fees in installments.
*One-year programs are not eligible for the long-term student system.

Graduate school research student system

We have established a graduate school research student system to support the continuation of research for those who have completed doctoral, master's, master's, and professional degree programs (including those who have dropped out of the doctoral program). If you are approved as a research student, you will be able to continue your research under your supervisor, attend graduate school classes, and use university research facilities approved for graduate students.

Non-degree student system

A non-degree student is a person who is permitted to take elective courses in one or more of the courses offered by our university.
This is a system where non-regular students who are eligible to apply for graduate school wish to enroll in graduate school classes.After being selected, they can enroll as non-regular students. You can apply for just one subject. Additionally, credits earned under this system may be recognized upon application after admission to graduate school (accompanied credits: up to 1 credits). Please note that some subjects are not eligible for application.