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Graduate Program in Sciences and Culture(Doctoral course)

Graduate Program in Sciences and Culture
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Exploring the state of human life from all directions

Features of the Department of Life Mechanisms

The doctoral program has research areas such as lifestyle culture, human society, and life sciences, and covers a wide range of fields including the humanities of history, folklore, and cultural properties, the social sciences of psychology, education, and welfare, and the natural sciences related to clothing, food, and shelter. We have produced highly unique doctoral (academic) degree holders.Based on this track record, we are conducting joint research with companies and other research institutions, and achieving results, in order to further strengthen the characteristics of our major, which is unique nationwide.
The keyword is "Comprehensive science related to human life."Through research activities that approach life from various angles, transcending the boundaries of the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, and "comprehensive research on the mechanics of life" conducted by all faculty members, we have established an original academic field called "life mechanics". , is being further developed.
Life Culture Research Area
From a historical perspective, we focus on life, culture, and housing, and explore their rich relationships.
Human Society Research Area
Explore methods to scientifically explore human growth and development and consider their significance.
Life science research area
We explore the external environment surrounding people and the maintenance and promotion of physical functions that are related to improving QOL. .
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Department of Lifestyle Mechanisms 02
Department of Lifestyle Mechanisms 03

Academic Advisors and Full-time Faculty Members

Sanae Oyatsu
1. Research on Japanese folk performing arts and folk culture
2. Japanese entertainment history research
1. Research on the history and culture of various ethnic groups in Northeast Asia
2. Research on the history of international relations between Mongolia, China, Japan, and Russia
3. Research on Silk Road and Tea Road
Makiko Shimatani
1.Practical research on psychiatric day care groups
2. Process and effects of psychodrama
Yutaka Shimizu
1. Prosocial behavior
2. Disaster prevention awareness and local disaster prevention measures
Shinobu Matsunaga
Research on cognitive development and developmental support for autism spectrum disorders
Masako Matsuzawa
1. Mental development in early childhood
XNUMX. Neural basis of parent-child relationship
Jun Ito
From the perspective of lifestyle management
1. How to socialize life in a welfare society
2. How living resource management should be done 
Misako Kasuya
1. Sustainable production, distribution, consumption and consumer-oriented management
2. Self-employed/farming households’ livelihood management and gender
3.Research on collaboration in life among diverse actors and community coexistence society
1.Relationships among nations, ethnic groups, and languages ​​in Asia
2. Language modernization
3.China's economic development and the transformation of the language and culture of surrounding regions and ethnic groups
Masako Ishii
1. Inclusion in education and childcare
2.Education and childcare for children with developmental delays or imbalances
3. Regarding clinical psychological problems and support that occur during the developmental process from infancy to childhood
Kiyofumi Tomono
1. Theory of cooperative learning (jigsaw method, etc.)
2. Training of elementary and secondary private school teachers
3. Learning and education of women in modern Japan
4. Gender equality in education
Nagaoka Miyako
Project Professor
1. Researching the forms and theories of musical expression from a combined perspective of composition, aesthetics, and sociology.
2.Development and research of music curriculum in early childhood education and elementary education
3.Musical semantics, musical representation and cultural theory
Akira Kanao
1. Regarding the establishment of modern architectural designs in various urban spaces
2. Relationship between architectural space, interior, and urban space
3. Analysis and proposal of modern architectural design
Eiko Nakayama
1.Development of functional materials derived from biological resources
2. Atmospheric environment measurement and evaluation
3.Environmental scientific consideration of living environment materials (creating a comfortable indoor environment)
Mutsumi Ogawa
We conduct research on the effects of functional components of foods on living organisms, with a particular focus on gender differences.
Seiki Seino
1.Analysis of consumer behavior regarding food
2.Analysis of marketing behavior targeting food
Tetsuya Takao
1. Construction of salivary gland stimulation model system and functional analysis of food components using it
2. Functional analysis of food materials and microorganisms and their application to food
Kamo Nakanishi
1. Phosphorus and calcium in hemodialysis patients, especially in relation to diet
2. Examine gestational hypertension syndrome and salt intake through systematic reviews, etc.
Kentaro Yamanaka
Considering the human body as a system, and recording its biological signals and movements/behaviors,
1. Changes in appetite and eating behavior
2. Relationship between energy intake and expenditure
3. Decision-making tendencies
4.Skillful motor control 
conducting research on
*Names and research themes are subject to change.

Courses offered (2023)

Comprehensive research on life mechanisms Omnibus class for understanding the mechanics of living

Life Culture Research Area
Life Culture Research IIA Society and culture of Mongolian peoples Life Culture Research IIE Folk performing arts tradition
Human Society Research Area
Clinical psychology research IIB Basics of clinical psychology through case studies Life Welfare Management Research II Research on the socialization of life in a welfare society
Social psychology research IIB Social psychology of disasters Modern Life Management Research II Sustainable consumption and lifestyle management research
Developmental Clinical Psychology Research IIB Psychology of development and support Music education research II Research on educational practices and curriculum centered on musical forms of expression
Cognitive developmental psychology research II Infant mental development Educational practice research II Modern issues in the school education system
Language and Society Research II Ethnic and national language issues Clinical developmental psychology research II Theory of lifelong development and problems arising in the developmental process
Life science research area
Architectural planning research II Formative factors of architecture and urban design Food functional ingredient research II Nutritional evaluation of food functional ingredients
Materials Science Research II Material science and environmental science for a comfortable environment Clinical nutrition research II About clinical nutrition by disease
Fiber materials research II
Biological system research II System physiology of physical exercise and eating behavior
Clothing modeling science research II Material functionality and comfort evaluation Food safety analysis research II Safety evaluation of functional food ingredients
Food material function development II Analysis and evaluation of food functions, production and distribution Distribution function research II Analysis and evaluation of consumer behavior


Doctoral Program (Doctoral Program)/Doctoral Dissertation
*The summaries of papers awarded degrees since 2013 and summaries of review results will be posted on the Showa Women's University Academic Institutional Repository.