Graduate School of Life Sciences

Graduate Program in Environmental Design(Master's Course)

Graduate Program in Environmental Design
Graduate Program in Environmental Design
Creation and practice of design for the living space environment

Features of the Department of Environmental Science and Design Research

As a major with an advanced academic system ranging from engineering to art and humanities, we aim to cultivate human resources who can conduct multifaceted research and practical design activities in the fields of architecture, products, clothing, and production.In this major, it is also possible to do a master's design or master's production instead of a master's thesis.
■Architectural Environment Research Course: Pursue the environment that extends to interiors, architecture, cities, and regions.There are also programs that can be counted toward the practical experience (2 years or 1 year) of a first-class architect.
■Product research course: Pursue a variety of designs from graphics to interiors and public spaces.
■Fashion research course: Pursue fashion design from the perspectives of form, media, processing, and management.
■Design Planning Research Course: Pursue advanced planning techniques in a variety of design fields.
Architectural Environment Research Course
Pursuit of the environment that extends to interiors, architecture, cities, and regions.There are also programs that can be counted toward the practical experience (2 years or 1 year) of a first-class architect.
Product research course
Pursuing a variety of designs from graphics to interiors and public spaces.
Fashion research course
Pursuing fashion design from the perspectives of form, media, processing, and management.

Design planning research course
Pursuing advanced planning techniques in a variety of design fields.


Individual guidance in each laboratory based on each individual's research theme

We have faculty members with a high level of expertise in various areas related to living environments and design, and you can freely choose your supervisor from among them.While receiving detailed guidance in the laboratory until the completion of the course, you will be able to hone the research skills and practical design skills you wish to acquire.
Environmental Design Research Major 01


Choose from master's thesis, master's design, or master's production

The final outcome of the master's program is not limited to a thesis; students can also choose to demonstrate their ability to connect to practical design work, such as design or production.
Environmental Design Research Major 02

We have prepared a program to develop skills that will lead to practical work.

Each laboratory carries out various projects in collaboration with other universities, research institutes, and private companies, including undergraduate students, as well as commissioned research from local governments and other organizations, as well as international projects and research.Internships at design offices, etc. can also be converted into credits if the conditions are met.
Environmental Design Research Major 03

Features unique to the Architectural Environment Research Course

The Architectural Environment Research Course provides a program equivalent to practical work that can be counted toward the practical experience (2 years or 1 year) of a first-class architect.

Academic Advisors and Full-time Faculty Members

Riko Ishigaki
With the goal of designing comfortable and beautiful clothing, the main theme is to find comfort evaluation indicators from the perspective of clothing's motion adaptability. We are also conducting research on clothing design using ICT for waste-free production from a sustainable perspective.
Akira Kanao
1. Regarding the establishment of modern architectural designs in various urban spaces
2. Relationship between architectural space, interior, and urban space
3. Analysis and proposal of modern architectural design
Tomomi Kaneko
I am conducting field research and morphological research on urban open spaces.He also engages in spatial design activities while considering what architecture can do for society.
Kumiko Shimomura
1. Elucidation of the cleaning mechanism for dirt adhering to fibers
2.About the dyeability and color fastness of various dyes
3.About stain removal using fine bubbles
Keisuke Tamura
1. Spatial composition and formation history of Shibuya Station
2. Spatial composition and formation history of Tokyo's terminal stations
3.Regional communication network
Eiko Nakayama
1.Development of functional materials derived from biological resources
2. Atmospheric environment measurement and evaluation
3. Environmental scientific consideration of living environment materials (creating a comfortable indoor environment)
Yasuko Momozono
We conduct elemental research to transform "invisible things" into "visible things." He explores the multiple ways in which people and things interact in living spaces. He engages in design activities that connect paper design and lacquer art.
Yasushi Moribe
We are researching how to create a structural system that resists various natural phenomena and creates the diverse spaces envisioned by architects on Earth, where gravity governs, using countless combinations of a limited structural vocabulary.
Hitomi Tsutsumi
Associate professor
We conduct experiments and measurements to study the effects of indoor thermal and air environments on the comfort, health, and intellectual productivity of occupants.We explore architectural environments that balance comfort and energy conservation.
Shiro Nakata
Associate professor
The theme is "design that creates excitement."The social responsibility of design is on the rise.He considers the daily life that Japan has cultivated since the beginning, and researches ways to give back to modern society through various practices.
Mieko Bamba
Associate professor
We approach the living environment related to homes and regions from the aspects of family relationships, daily life, and local communities.We elucidate the relationship between space, life, and people, and comprehensively research spaces and environments where people can live comfortably.
*Names and research themes are subject to change.

Courses offered (2024)

Architectural Environment Research Course
Architectural planning research IA Elements in the formation of cities and architecture Landscape Design Research I Landscape architectural perspective and design research in environmental creation
Architectural planning research IB Aspects of urban open space Special lecture on structural design
Structural design directly linked to internship
Living style research I Lifestyle and living style Architectural production planning theory
Architectural construction and construction supervision directly connected to internship
Environmental planning research I Comfort and energy savings in the built environment Design drafting Ⅳ (internship)
Design exercises based on assignments
Architectural construction materials research I Architectural design and structural systems Design drawing Ⅴ (internship)
Design exercises based on assignments
Materials Science Research I Considering environmentally friendly material design and material selection Design practical training M (internship)
Practical work related to architectural design and construction supervision
Architectural History Research I Aspects of modern French architectural history design exercise
Architectural design exercises based on assignments
Architectural Design Research I See architectural works in drawings

Product research course
Design planning research IA words of design Design planning exercise I Meaning of shape
Design planning research IB The precedence of things and the universality of ibis

Fashion research course
Fashion Design Research IA Research on functional and beautiful clothing design
Fashion Design Research ⅠC Research on clothing management and dyeing
Fashion Design Research IB
fashion media studies
Fashion Design Exercise (M)

Design planning research course
Design planning research IA Design and regional production Design planning research IC Utilization and planning of local assets
Design Planning Research IB asian design art Design planning research ID Design and Social Culture/Energy Design
Environmental science seminar I
Design practical training M (internship) Design/Design-related practice
Environmental Science Special Research I Guidance on master's thesis, design, and production

master's thesis theme

  • (Design) Dear Sirs - Chiran Special Attack Peace Hall Reconstruction Plan -
  • (Design) Oguni Town Revitalization Plan Read the topography and create architecture
  • (Production) Planning for the “Shinjuku Station Underground Passage Network Model Exhibition” - Architecture built into Shinjuku Station since the 1930s and the history of the formation of the Shinjuku Station underground passage network.
  • (Production) Research on fabric design applying Korean traditional poshagi (jagakpo) - Possibilities of fabric design in space -
  • (Production) The use and beauty of Japanese paper - Connecting Mino washi and Chinese auspicious patterns -
  • (Paper) Research on the preservation status of bunkers in the Kanto region and related surrounding facilities in modern Japan
  • (Paper) The effects of fashion and colors on independent senior women - From the perspective of awareness survey and impression evaluation -
  • (Paper) Pattern design and motion adaptation in clothing expression - Structure of jacket roominess and ease of movement -