acquisition of advanced and specialized knowledge;
And take on the challenge of research
Showa Women's University Graduate School Committee Chair President
Akira Kaneo
Showa Women's University

The Graduate School of Showa Women's University engages in research on a wide variety of modern society and culture while developing its two core fields of literature and life mechanics, and currently has 2 majors and 3 research institutes across 12 graduate schools. It is a co-educational graduate school with From 5, we will separate the one-year course from the existing Welfare and Social Studies major, establish a new professional graduate school, and develop highly skilled professionals who are in tune with the times.
Our university takes advantage of its central location in Sangenjaya to create a global and diverse research environment that allows for interaction with researchers from multiple fields, society, and Temple University Japan Campus.We also provide research support systems such as a working adult entrance examination system and a long-term student program.
We are looking forward to enrolling a variety of people, including undergraduate graduates and working adults.We also hope that you will acquire advanced and specialized knowledge and take on the challenge of advanced research.