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Is it possible for men to enroll in graduate school?
Our graduate school also admits men.Men should also consider taking the test.Some men have already completed the course, and some are currently enrolled (however, they cannot take classes offered by undergraduate departments).
Is it possible to enroll in the second semester (October)?
Due to the curriculum, late admissions are not possible for the Psychology Major/Clinical Psychology course (The Psychology Major/Clinical Psychology course only accepts students enrolling in April). If you wish to enroll in the second semester for other majors, please contact the Admission Center (03-3411-5154) before the application period.
If I have not written a graduation thesis, what should I do when applying?
There is no problem if you submit the Graduation Thesis Outline (form specified by our university) with a check mark next to "The graduation thesis is not a requirement for graduation."
Does the Clinical Psychology Course in the Department of Psychology hold an entrance exam for working adults?
There is no entrance exam for working adults in the Clinical Psychology Course of the Psychology Major.Only the general entrance exam will be held.
Is there an open campus for graduate school?
The graduate school's open campus is held once a year.In addition to the open campus, we also hold various events.please use this form..
Can I get past questions?
please use this form..
(Note) Distribution may not be possible due to the implementation status of entrance exams or copyright processing.
Is it possible to have an individual consultation before taking the entrance exam?
Applicants for the following five majors are required to have a preliminary individual consultation before the application period.

Majors that require prior individual consultation:
Welfare co-creation management major
Department of Literature and Language Education (planned)
Graduate Program in Life Sciences and Culture
Graduate Program in Social Welfare
Graduate Program in Sciences and Culture

How to apply:Please send an email with the following information and send it to the email address of your desired major.

Application deadline:
     July entrance exam applicants: May 7, 2024 (Monday)
     Applicants for October entrance exam: Before the start of reception (we will inform you as soon as the schedule is decided)
     July entrance exam applicants: May 11, 2024 (Monday)
     July entrance exam applicants: May 2, 2024 (Monday)
     July entrance exam applicants: May 3, 2025 (Monday)

Interview date:As a general rule, it will be held on the Saturday afternoon specified by the major.

Email title: Request for individual consultation in advance
①Name (furigana)
②Telephone number (easy to contact number/mobile phone is also acceptable)
③Name of major/course/area/course to which you are applying
④Research plan content
 *For Welfare Co-Creation Management majors, please list the themes you are interested in.
⑤Name of desired instructor
⑥ Types of entrance exams being considered (general, working adults, international student entrance exams)
⑦Whether you wish to enroll in the second semester (July term only)
⑧Others (things you would like to contact in advance, etc.)

Major email address
(★: Majors that require prior individual consultation)
  • ★Welfare Co-Creation Management major
  • Literary and Linguistic Education Major Before reception begins (we will inform you as soon as contact information is decided)
  • ★Life Culture Studies major
  • Graduate Program in Psychology
  • ★Welfare Social Research Department
  • Graduate Program in Education
  • Department of Environmental Science and Design Research
  • Department of Life Science Research
  • Department of Literary Linguistics
  • ★Department of Life Mechanism
  • Majors that require prior consultation are:Graduate school pre-individual consultation formPlease download the form in advance, fill out the necessary information, and submit it to your department.
If you would like to receive advance consultation for a major other than those that require advance consultation, please apply.Please note that the Clinical Psychology Course of the Department of Psychology does not offer individual consultations in advance, as it is not possible to request a research supervisor.
Additionally, at the discretion of the instructor, we may decline your request to visit our laboratory.
I graduated from a junior college and have a career as a working adult. Can I apply for graduate school?
At our graduate school, we conduct "individual admission qualification screening" twice a year (in May and November) for those who do not have the qualifications for admission to graduate school.This is a test to determine whether you can take the entrance exam for your desired major. Those who are approved in the "Individual Entrance Eligibility Screening" will be able to take the entrance exam for the major that passed that year's screening. (Please note that even if you complete graduate school, you will not be able to obtain qualifications that require a bachelor's degree, such as a teaching license.)
<Target people>
Those who do not have a "bachelor's" degree in master's and master's programs
Those who do not have a "master's" degree in the doctoral program
For other details, please see here.