Individual Admission Qualification Screening Guidelines

Individual Admission Qualification Screening Guidelines

Based on the Showa Women's University Graduate School Regulations, we will conduct an individual graduate school entrance eligibility screening for those who do not have the qualifications for admission to the graduate school.
Admission Center Graduate School Entrance Examination Section

Implementation guidelines

Eligible persons

  1. Those who do not have a "bachelor's" degree in the master's program, master's program, or professional degree program
  2. Those who do not have a "master's" degree in the doctoral program
  3. Others

Number of implementations

 Twice a year, once in the first semester and once in the second semester (for professional degree courses only, it will also be held in September for applicants in the November semester).

Application period

Master's course/Master's course/Doctoral course
First semester: May (April 5, 2024 (Thursday) - May 4, 25 (Friday)) (Postmark valid)
October period: Before the start of reception (we will inform you as soon as the schedule is decided)
Second semester: November (Friday, November 11, 2024 to Friday, November 11, 8) (postmark valid)
Professional degree program
First semester: May (April 5, 2024 (Thursday) - May 4, 25 (Friday)) (Postmark valid)
November period: September (Friday, September 11, 9 to Friday, September 2024, 9) (postmark valid)
Second semester: November to January (Friday, November 11, 1 to Monday, January 2024, 11) (postmark valid)

Examination documents

XNUMX) Individual admission eligibility screening application form Form XNUMX
XNUMX) Reason for requesting examination Form XNUMX
XNUMX) Academic background, work history, acquired qualifications, etc. Form XNUMX
XNUMX) Practical/learning content report Form XNUMX
XNUMX) Research achievement statement Form XNUMX (for doctoral course applicants only)
XNUMX) Research plan Form XNUMX (Doctoral course applicants only)
XNUMX) Academic transcript Last attended school
XNUMX) Graduation certificate Last attended school
XNUMX) Research achievements, papers, etc. (For doctoral course applicants only [copies are acceptable])
Others Interview (conducted if necessary)
If the name on the certificate is different from the name at the time of application (for example, in the case of a maiden name), please submit an extract of the family register (within 3 months of issue).

Documents to be submitted

Master's program/Master's program/Professional degree program Among the examination documents XNUMX), XNUMX), XNUMX), XNUMX), XNUMX), XNUMX)
Doctoral Program Examination documents XNUMX) to XNUMX)

Submit to: Showa Women's University Admission Center Graduate School Entrance Examination Section

Please indicate that the "Graduate School Individual Admission Qualification Examination Application Documents" is currently available.

Examination method

Document screening will be conducted (an interview may also be conducted).

Examination outcome

The results of the individual entrance qualification screening will be notified immediately after the examination is conducted by sending an "Admission Qualification Examination Result Notification".
Results are valid only for the desired major in the year of application and the following year (does not apply to other majors at Showa Women's University Graduate School).
In addition, conditions may be attached to the examination results.

About application

You will be required to submit screening documents for the individual admission eligibility screening, but please note that the same certificate may be required separately when applying.