Graduate School/Professional Graduate School

Graduate School/Professional Graduate School
Graduate Schools
Developing advanced academic researchers and professionals
Graduate and Professional Graduate Schools (Coeducational)
9 majors and 5 research institutes in master's, master's and doctor's courses in the Graduate School of Humanities and Life Sciences
We have established a professional graduate school to develop highly skilled specialists who can solve a variety of social issues.
We also offer one-year courses and programs for working adults with practical experience.

Graduate school (co-education)

Until admission in 2024

Professional graduate school (one year, coeducational)

-Reskilling for working adults- Opened in April 2023
In addition to a high level of expertise, we have the management insight to understand socio-economic trends, maximize the use of resources, and provide services that accurately meet the needs of society.
We aim to develop specialists with management skills.