Short-term study abroad program

This is a short-term study abroad program that students can participate in during summer vacation and spring vacation.Some courses, selections, and grades are limited, but most of the program has credits.Through practical training and facility visits, such as intensive language courses at partner universities and specialized training at departments, students can gain overseas experiences that cannot be experienced on a trip.
Recruitment for summer overseas training begins in early to mid-April, and spring overseas training begins in early October each year.Application deadlines vary by program.

In addition to these Short-term study abroad program, we also offer a short-term study abroad program to Showa Boston during long vacations.

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Examples of Short-term study abroad programs

* This is a program that has been implemented in the past.Programs offered, locations visited, content, application requirements, etc. are subject to change.

Programs operated by Center for International Exchange(CIE)

Program Name season period Study abroad destination Message Departmentunit
Seoul Women's University
Summer Intensive Course
Summer: 3 weeks South Korea 3-week intensive Korean language course at Seoul Women's University All departmentswill get
Hong Kong Internship
Summer: 4 weeks Hong Kong Work experience at a company office in Hong Kong All departmentswill get
University of Alcala
Spanish language training
summer/spring 24 days Spain Intensive Spanish course at the Language School of the University of Alcala All departmentswill get
University of Queensland
English training
Spring: 5 weeks Australia A 5-week intensive English course delivered by the University of Queensland All departmentswill get
University of Washington
English training “STEP”
Spring: 3 weeks America Three weeks of English classes and hands-on activities conducted by the University of Washington All departmentswill get
Korea University
Korean Intensive Course
Spring: 3 weeks South Korea Intensive Korean language course for Japanese provided by Korea University All departmentswill get

Programs operated by Department

Program Name season period main
Visited place
MessageDepartment unit
Department of International Studies Cambodia Overseas Education and Training Program Summer: 9 days Cambodia Japanese conversation volunteer and local cultural exchange at Royal University of Phnom PenhAll departments will get
Department of International Studies Asian Women’s Leadership Program Summer: 3 weeks China, Korea, Japan Special lectures in English and cross-cultural exchange with students from three countries: Shanghai University of Foreign Studies (China) and Sungshin Women's University (Korea).All departments will get
Department of History and Culture European History and Culture Seminar summer or spring 13 days Varies by year European cultural heritage and architectural tours and lecture history trainingAll departments will get
Department of Social Welfare Nordic Welfare Seminar summer or spring About 10 days Nordic Training to observe social welfare systems and welfare service facilities in Northern EuropeDepartment of Social Welfare will get
Department of Contemporary Liberal Arts International social research training Summer: Varies by year Cultivate an international perspective and comparative research skills through surveys of visited places (countries) and on-site trainingDepartment of Contemporary Liberal Arts will get
Department of Japanese Language and literature Japanese Teaching Practice Summer: 2 weeks Vietnam, South Korea, or Indonesia Observing classes and learning Japanese teaching methods at partner schoolsAll departments will get
Department of Environmental Science and Design Overseas design practice
①Architecture and interior design
② Product design
③Fashion design management
Spring: ①10-13 days
②③11 days
Europe ①Overseas training to observe and experience famous architectural works, private houses and furniture
②③Investigate traditional culture and designs formed by overseas regional characteristics, climate, ethnic groups, historical backgrounds, etc.
Department of Environmental Science and Design will get
Department of Food Safety Spring European training Spring: 9 days Austria Practical training and training in confectionery and bread at the Vienna Vocational Training InstituteAll departments will get
Department of Food Science and Nutrition Italian food culture training Spring: 11 days Italy Lectures and practical training on Italian cuisine and ingredients, mainly pasta, based in northern ItalyAll departments will get
Department of Business Design Business Study Program at Chiang Mai University Summer: 2 weeks Thailand Experience Thai economy and business through lectures, workshops, and company visits based at Chiang Mai University in Thailand All departments will get