Double Degree Program

This is a program where students study for a total of five years, three years at Showa Women's University and two years at an overseas partner university, and earn a bachelor's degree from both Showa Women's University and an overseas partner university.

When you join our double degree program you will:
  • Through studying abroad at partner schools for two years, you can improve your language skills, but also use your language skills to learn about a wide range of cultural and specialized fields such as culture, history, and society.
  • By learning and collaborating with people from diverse cultural backgrounds, you will be able to train not only academically but also mentally.
  • Tuition fees while studying at an overseas partner university will be covered from the tuition fees of Showa Women's University. It is possible to obtain degrees from two universities by paying tuition fees at our university (excluding the University of Queensland: for the University of Queensland, you will need to pay tuition fees from both universities. However, there is a scholarship system).

We have more than 70 graduates who have obtained degrees from universities in China, South Korea, and the United States (as of April 2023).Most of the participants have never studied abroad, but they can develop the academic ability to study abroad as a regular student by creating a course plan for double degree program students, such as an intensive language curriculum that starts after entering Showa Women's University.The requirements for grade and language are established in stages until departure, and it is a condition of participation that each requirement is met.

Double Degree Program Partner Universities and Departements

Country Affiliated school Department
Shanghai Jiao Tong University Department of International Studies
South Korea
Sookmyung Women's University Department of International Studies
Seoul Women's University Department of International Studies
America Temple University Japan Campus  Department of International Studies, Department of English Language and Communication, Department of Business Design
Australia University of Queensland Department of International Studies, Department of English Language and Communication
*From April 2025, the Department of International Liberal Studies (scheduled to be renamed from the Department of English Language and Communication in April 4) and the Department of International Japanese Studies (scheduled to be newly established in April 2025) will be added to the target departments of Temple University Japan Campus/University of Queensland. Masu.

The latest recruitment guidelines and briefing session information can be found on each department's website (Department of International Studies,Department of English Language and Communication,Department of Business Design)andCIE Portal site for students
*When accessing the CIE portal site exclusively for current students, please log in with the email address of your student ID number.

Voices of students participating in the double degree program

Mr. Hara
I deepened my understanding of my own country while learning about the history and culture of China.
In the Double Degree Program (DDP), I was able to study abroad to improve my language skills and learn about Chinese culture and business.I use Chinese not only in class but also in every aspect of my life, and I feel that my language skills have improved significantly.Also, I learned a lot about China as a regular student.When I learned about long-established Chinese companies, I voluntarily compared them with long-established Japanese companies, which gave me the opportunity to think about Japanese culture and business, and I acquired the ability to see myself objectively.Furthermore, through studying abroad, I was able to cultivate a positive attitude, and for the first time, I learned through experience the importance of clearly expressing one's intentions, and the ability to truly communicate and work together.

Ms. Moeka Hara (Faculty of International Studies, Department of International Studies, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, double degree program student/Graduated in March 2023)
Mr. Terai
I became mentally stronger in an environment that required a very high level of English skills
I chose Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) as my study abroad destination because I wanted to improve my English skills in a somewhat familiar environment rather than in a completely new environment.At first, I was overwhelmed by the speed of English, but even if I couldn't speak fluently, I learned to speak while thinking about what I could understand and how to convey it to the other person. , and my understanding has deepened.The most important thing was that I was mentally trained. Since I am studying as a regular student at TUJ, I will be given a lot of assignments based on my native-language level of English.On top of that, subjects that you have never studied before, such as philosophy, will be compulsory.It was tough, but I was able to clear the required level while working hard, and it was an experience that gave me a lot of confidence for the future.

Miyuka Terai (Graduated in March 2023)