Study Abroad

Leave Japan and see the world.Various encounters strengthen global power.
Go Global. Let's find a big dream that leads to the future somewhere in the world.

Flow of Study Abroad/Overseas Training

1.First Step

When preparing for study abroad or overseas training, it is important to first clarify your goals.
Think about what you want to study and experience abroad, and choose the program that suits you.
When considering a program, you can consult with the Center for International Exchange (CIE) or an external study abroad advisor contracted by the university.


Once you have decided on the program you want to participate in, check the application guidelines and application conditions, and apply by the university deadline.In order to study abroad for a long period of time, it is necessary to make a plan at least one year before the trip, meet the application requirements, and proceed to the internal screening process.
A passport is required to study abroad, so if you do not have one, it is important to apply as soon as possible.
Also, if you plan to study abroad for a long period of time, consult with your department in advance and make a proper course plan before and after studying abroad.
*For details on how to apply and briefing session information, please check the CIE portal site for students (login with a SWU account is required).

3.Study Abroad Preparation

Once you have decided to study abroad, orientation will be held multiple times before your departure.There are many things to do before studying abroad, such as joining overseas study abroad insurance, arranging flights, and obtaining a student visa depending on the program.Be sure to meet the deadline and prepare accordingly.
Also, even if you study abroad for the purpose of strengthening your language skills, your experience at the study abroad destination will differ depending on how much you can improve before studying abroad. Try to improve your language skills “before you go,” not “after you go.”

Study Abroad/Overseas Training Program

A.Short-Term Study Abroad Program

We offer a wide range of programs, from intensive language courses at partner universities to practical training programs in specific specialized fields.Take advantage of the long vacation to choose programs that interest you, and acquire a wider perspective from multicultural experiences as well as language skills.

B. Long-Term Study Abroad Program

The program is for one semester or more, the specific timing and duration of the program varies depending on the partner university.It may take some time to prepare.
Curriculum study abroad included in graduation requirements, exchange/privately funded study abroad at partner universities, and the Temple University Japan Campus credit transfer program, which allows you to experience studying abroad at an American university while in Japan, extend the study abroad period to the number of years of study. Since the study abroad period will be added to the course year and credits are recognized, it is possible to study abroad for a long time without repeating a year.

C. Double Degree Program

A double degree program is a program in which students study at both our university and a partner school and earn two degrees in five years (standard model: 5 years at our university + 2 years at our partner school).