Global Initiatives of Showa Women's University

You can challenge the world
Super global campus
SWU Setagaya Campus has Temple University Japan Campus (TUJ) on its premises. You can enjoy international exchange while staying in Japan.
Having our overseas campus, Showa Boston Institute, since 1988, we have been building a super global campus
Students will use this as a foothold to challenge the world.
Number of students participated in study abroad programs
Including 519 students participated in long-term study-abroad programs
124 students took regular courses
(Including online programs in 2022)
Number of incoming international students
Number of partner universities
(As of the end of December 2023)

In Setagaya

01 in Setagaya
02 in Setagaya
An educational environment where diverse cultures live together
TUJ, the Japan campus of a U.S. university, is on the same premises. There are many opportunities to interact with international students from many countries and regions.
An educational environment where diverse cultures live together

International exchange on campus

Collaborative project with TUJ+BST
Since the campus is on the same site, SWU, TUJ, and BST students are actively interacting with each other. For example, in addition to events such as the "Japanese Salon" and "English Salon," faculties and staff from both universities collaborate to hold forums to think about education in Japan and the United States.
Collaborative project with TUJ+BST

Taking TUJ classes in parallel

Credit Transfer Program (Long-term Study Abroad/Credited Auditors.)
We have a program that allows students to take regular classes at TUJ as a TUJ student for one semester, or take regular classes at TUJ in parallel with classes at our university. Students are working hard to improve their English skills so that they can take regular classes.
Credit Transfer Program (Long-term Study Abroad/Credited Auditors.)

S-GLAP has started!

S-GLAP has been introduced since 2022 to develop global human resources throughout the university. The target is students whose department do not include study abroad in the curriculum. It aims to acquire the skills required in the global society through the four-year coursework and participation in designated programs. Students who meet the requirements will be awarded a certificate of completion.
S-GLAP: Showa Global Liberal Arts Program
S-GLAP has started!

In Boston

01 in boston
02 in boston
Study in Boston, one of the world's leading academic cities
From Showa Boston to the world. In addition to our comprehensive language education, we offer a wide variety of programs tailored to your area of ​​expertise and interests.
Boston is one of the world's leading academic cities with many universities and research institutes.
There are historical museums and libraries, and it is a vibrant city where many students and researchers live.
Every year, many students visit Showa Boston for short-term and long-term study abroad programs.
Study in Boston, one of the world's leading academic cities

Around the World

01 around the world
02 around the world
Gain substantial overseas experience at partner universities around the world.
Gain a fulfilling overseas experience at partner universities spread all over the world. There are programs that allow students to earn two degrees at our university and at partner universities overseas.

Long-term Study Abroad

You can study abroad for one semester up to one academic year at more than 50 partner universities worldwide. In addition to improving your language skills, you will also be able to study abroad in a deeper and more fulfilling way, such as taking regular classes at your study abroad destination. All students are eligible to graduate from our university in four years, including the study abroad period.

Exchange Study Abroad Programs
You can take regular classes at an overseas university with an exchange agreement, and you will be exempted from paying tuition at the destination.
Fee-paid Study Abroad Program
You can study abroad at any overseas university or language school affiliated to a university. If you take regular classes, you can receive a scholarship equivalent to the tuition fee of our university (unless it is a study abroad program to learn a language ).
Long-term Study Abroad
Acquire two degrees from our university and one of our partner universities overseas

Double Degree Program

A program whicn you can obtain two degrees (bachelor's degree) from Showa Women's University and an overseas partner university. Students participating in this program study for a total of five years - three years at Showa Women's University and two years at an overseas partner university.

University of Queensland (Australia)

Advanced learning at world-ranking schools
In the "World University Rankings 2023" announced by Quacquarelli Symonds of the UK,50 bitA university that boasts a high reputation.
University of Queensland (Australia)

Temple University, Japan Campus (Tokyo)

American University at Setagaya Campus
American University at Setagaya Campus
Temple University, Japan Campus (Tokyo)

Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China)

One of the top 5 Historical and Prestigious Universities in China
A prestigious university with a long history of over 100 years and one of the top 5 prestige in China.
Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China)

Seoul Women's University (Korea)

A curriculum that emphasizes liberal arts and practical learning
They offer a buddy system that their students support international students. You can experience Korea from various perspectives such as life and culture.

Sookmyung Women's University (Korea)

A university with a long history that focuses on fostering female leaders
They are always making cutting-edge efforts and focusing on developing female leaders.
Sookmyung Women's University (Korea)