■International Campus Boston
Site area 166,000㎡/Building area 13,953㎡
Showa Boston Institute for Language and Culture/British School of Boston/Japanese Culture Center/The Japan Society of Boston

■Showa Boston Institute for Language and Culture
Founded: 1988
Main facilities: 8 student dormitories (accommodating approximately 280 people) / 21 classrooms / Rainbow Hall / Provosf Hall / Tea room / Health room / Library / Cafeteria / Heated pool / Grounds / Tennis court / Guest room / Training room / Game room /Japanese garden/Meeting room

Campus introduction video(Created by a student of the department of business design)

Student Dormitory

The student dormitory is divided into eight wings, each with its own lounge and laundry room.
The dormitory building also has a pool and fitness room.

Dormitory room

Each dormitory room is basically a room for two people (some rooms are for four people), and each room is equipped with things necessary for daily life such as a desk, chair, bed, closet, and locker for valuables.The furniture is movable, so you can arrange it to your liking. .
[CIE] Boston dormitory room

Shared space

In addition to the dormitory rooms, each building has common spaces such as a laundry room, bathroom, and lounge.
Shared space_01
Shared space
Shared space_02

Interaction with resident assistants (RA)

There are two resident assistants (RAs) in each of the eight wings of the student residence halls. They are graduate students, school teachers, and working adults in Boston. While commuting to school and work during the day, at night and on weekends they will be in charge of daily support for Showa Boston's international students, such as information about life in Boston, shopping information, and event planning.
[CIE] Boston RA

Refreshment facilities

Refresh your body at any time with our heated indoor pool with Jacuzzi, fitness room, and games room.In addition, the library is stocked with new books, newspapers, and magazines, and we also lend out movies and DVDs.

Indoor heated pool
Fitness room
boston_dance room
Dance room

Dining room, hall, tea room, etc.


It is shared with another school at International Campus Boston, the British International School Boston, so you can see students interacting on a daily basis. We provide 1 meals a day on weekdays and 3 meals a day on weekends and holidays. From main dishes to salad bars, you can choose as much as you like.

Rainbow hall

Rainbow Hall, which seats 300 people, is a small auditorium used by the Showa Boston and British School for ceremonies and cultural events. A full-fledged pipe organ is also installed. During the opening and closing ceremonies, colorful lights fill the hall and brightly color the audience seats.

Tea room/Japanese garden

Students sometimes hold tea parties in the tea room named Sanzashi-an, which is the Japanese name for Mayflower. In the Japanese garden, which features a pond and paving stones, seasonal flowers bloom to alert visitors to the arrival of the seasons.
Tea room/Japanese garden

Faculty/Student support staff

Academic departments, which are in charge of curriculum and lectures, and student services, which provide daily life support, jointly plan and manage learning programs.

Academic - Academic Department

The teachers in charge of English are graduate school graduates and have qualifications such as TESOL, and have extensive experience teaching Japanese students.We also invite many part-time instructors from other Boston universities.Classes that include topics such as music and theater, current events in the United States, education, and TOEIC strategies are easy for anyone to understand, and you can learn about Boston's culture while improving your language skills.

Student Services - Student Services Department

Student Services – Student Services

Student Services Department (SSD) supports students with all their daily needs while staying in Boston. In collaboration with resident assistants (RAs) and academic staff, SSD plans and offers a variety of programs to students. It is open from 9 a.m. to 21 p.m. on weekdays, and during weekends, RAs work in shifts. It's a department that collects events and information about Boston, so it's easy to use and reliable.
student service

Health Care Service – Health Service

Showa Boston's health room is staffed by nurses who can speak Japanese. You can tell the person in detail that you have a sudden fever or that you are not feeling well.
Health care service

Resident Assistant – RA

There are two resident assistants (RAs) in each of the 8 wings of the student dormitory. They are graduate students, school teachers, and working adults in Boston. While attending school and commuting during the day, at night and on weekends RAs give daily support for Japanese international students at Showa Boston, such as providing information on life in Boston, shopping information, and event planning.

Surrounding environment

Boston is home to many university students, including Harvard University and MIT. Because it is a city with many students, you can feel safe going out and participating in local activities.
Using the shuttle bus that runs to the nearest station, students spend their time at Boston Common doing homework after school, and on the weekends they go shopping, visit museums, and watch sports.
Boston_surrounding environment