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Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and other top American universities are located in Boston. Boston is a major cultural city with the oldest history in the United States as well as a center of international finance.
Showa Boston Institute for Language and Culture (Showa Boston) is an overseas campus established by Showa Women's University in Boston in 1988.

All classes are taught by local instructors, and American university-style classes are held in small classes. In addition, the characteristic of Showa Boston's education is not only in the classroom, but also in the practical programs that jump out of the classroom. Students grow through experiences that cannot be achieved without actually being there, such as doing volunteer activities rooted in the community, learning with students from nearby universities, and conducting field research.

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Showa Boston offers a wide range of study abroad programs. First of all, which of the following four programs is closest to your desired study abroad program?

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Showa Boston's 30th Anniversary
30th anniversary of Showa Boston
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About Showa Boston
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