Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
diversify,Focusing on an increasingly complex society, acquire problem-solving skills
In order to build a sustainable society, we will think about how we can interact with a society that is constantly changing.To that end, it is necessary to understand the problem from a variety of perspectives, from micro to macro perspectives, and search for solutions.
We also acquire practical skills related to problem solving, and develop human resources who can proactively contribute to society.
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Modern society and the future of school education

Change in light of changes in the world and society
International comparison of educational approaches and issues
Professor Sim Chun Cat

In modern times, various problems have arisen due to rapid social changes.Globalization, advanced information technology, urban concentration, declining birthrate and aging population, and changes in the environment continue to change the nature of communities, workplaces, families, and individuals. In considering whether it is necessary to aim for education, how should we balance each of new approaches and traditions, technology and humanity, diversity and common rules, cooperativeness and individuality, duty and freedom, equality and distinction, ideals and reality? It becomes very important to take.With this kind of awareness, I am exploring the differences between Japan and other countries from the perspective of comparative educational sociology, regarding the state and issues of school education, which plays a role in the foundation of society and in creating the future.
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After working as a Policy Planning Officer at the Ministry of Education in Singapore, he completed a doctoral course at the University of Tokyo's Graduate School of Education in 2008 and received a doctorate in education. Since 2013, she has been assigned to Showa Women's University.Major publications include "Educational and Social Functions and Roles of Low-Selection Schools" (single author), "Leadings: Education and Society in Japan Vol. learning and career: How has the "common sense" of high school changed? ”, “Tough Schools in the World”, “Challenges for Developing Female Leaders”, and “How Did Schools Around the World Face the Covid-XNUMX Crisis?”