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Characteristics of the Department of Global Japanese Studies

Explore Japan through Diverse Perspectives
Japanese culture, society,
Learn and share culture.
We have established a curriculum that provides an in-depth study of Japan Studies, intercultural understanding, tourism and regional revitalization. By learning about the characteristics of Japanese culture, the background of the birth of manga and anime, and how to convey the appeal of tourist destinations and regions to people of different cultures, we will develop the "ability to promote Japan."
Department of English Language and Communication 02Learn about and disseminate Japanese culture, society, and culture
Studied abroad for a long period in Boston during the Showa era.
Learn in English and experience different cultures.
In the first semester of the second year, students will study abroad in Boston. They will study in English according to the detailed curriculum that is unique to Showa Boston. In addition to participating in local volunteer activities and joint programs with local universities, there are also many opportunities for interaction, such as teaching Japanese to local people.
Learn about and disseminate Japanese culture, society, and cultureShowa Boston
New learning, internship
This leads to career development.
Students will further deepen the knowledge they have acquired in the classroom through internships both in Japan and overseas. They will undertake long-term internships of 2 to 6 months at overseas hotels, airlines, travel agencies, and Japanese branches of foreign companies, or get involved in regional revitalization activities in local cities, deepening their knowledge and personal growth.
New learning internships lead to career development
Expected image of students
We welcome enrollment from students who understand Showa Women's University's educational goals and degree awarding policy, who wish to acquire advanced language skills and an international sensibility through long-term study abroad, who wish to deepen their understanding of Japanese society and culture from an international perspective, and who have the ambition to hone their practical knowledge and become independent as professionals.