Faculty of International Studies

Department of International Liberal Arts
(Name to be changed in 2025)

Department of International Liberal Arts
Department of International Liberal Arts


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Characteristics of the Department of International Liberal Arts

Broaden your horizons by embracing international perspectives
Living in uncertain times
Acquire thinking skills.
Through a full-fledged American-style liberal arts education, students will study English-speaking societies, representative culture, and specialized fields such as language and education. In addition, students will take a wide range of common subjects in the faculty, including the environment, peace, and business.
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Small class size
Develop genuine English skills.
We develop students' English skills step by step in small classes, which allows us to easily gauge their level of understanding and progress. By increasing the opportunities to communicate in English, students will learn about diverse positions and ways of thinking, understand others creatively, and develop the ability to form and communicate their own opinions.
During the four years of study
You can study abroad for up to two years.
Students study abroad at Temple University Japan Campus located on the campus of our university for the first semester of their second year, and at Showa Boston for the second semester of their second year. From their third year onwards, students can study abroad at partner universities around the world (taking classes in English) for an additional six months to a year using the "certified study abroad" program.
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Expected image of students
We welcome enrollment from students who understand Showa Women's University's educational goals and degree awarding policies, who are interested in changing global trends and wish to acquire advanced English language skills, who wish to study English-speaking societies, culture and representation, English linguistics and English education, who wish to actively participate in study abroad programs, and who are motivated to contribute to society by utilizing their knowledge and experience.