Study abroad program

The study abroad program of the Department of International Studies is ``serious x long-term study abroad'' for all students. 

XNUMX | Serious “undergraduate study abroad”

What is the difference between studying abroad for undergraduate courses and language study abroad?
Undergraduate course study abroad Students clear certain language and grade standards and take regular courses at local universities.Take classes with local students in the local language.
Language Learn languages ​​at a language school attached to a university.Her classmates are international students from other countries.
``Studying abroad for undergraduate courses'' is difficult, but you will gain a lot from it and will be highly evaluated after returning home.There are still a small number of Japanese university students who choose to study abroad while attending university.Starting with the double degree program, the Department of International Studies aims to help students take undergraduate classes and study abroad not only in English, but also in languages ​​that they will learn for the first time after entering university.Additionally, depending on your study abroad destination and language proficiency level, there are also programs that allow you to take undergraduate classes at the same time as your language classes.
Undergraduate course study abroad results in 2022
English Chinese Korean
13 people 29 people 38 people


Voices of students who studied abroad in Spain

Rei Otsuka
International Department 4th year
Graduated from Chigasaki Hokuryo High School, Kanagawa Prefecture
Department of International Studies_Rei Otsuka Photo 2
Why did you choose Spain as your study abroad destination?
I learned Spanish through my hobby of watching soccer games.I chose Spanish because I wanted to enjoy live commentary and player interviews without an interpreter.In the process of learning Spanish, I became more interested in the culture of Spain and other Latin American countries, so I chose it as my study abroad destination.
What about studying abroad in Spain?
The city I live in, Alcala, is a very calm and safe city, and I like it.6% of the dormitory residents are Spanish and about 4% are international students.I made many friends at the cafeteria where many students gathered.The university also has an international student event every week, which is fun.
What's the big deal?
After completing my study abroad curriculum, I came to the University of Alcalá to study at my own expense, and am taking linguistics (Spanish).I'm having a hard time because there's a lot of unfamiliar technical terminology and abstract content, but my friends in Spain are there to support me.In order to keep up with classes with the same content as them, preparation and review are essential.
What are your future goals?
We want to be a bridge between Japan and other countries.Through studying abroad, I discovered many wonderful things about Spain and my home country, Japan.I want the people of Spain to know about the good things about Japan, and the people of Japan about the good things about Spain.

XNUMX|The Department of International Studies’ “Double Degree Program (DDP)” is serious

DDP is a five-year program that allows students to simultaneously earn degrees from Showa Women's University and an overseas partner university.The Department of International Studies conducts DDP with five affiliated universities.
Thanks to our unparalleled support, we have produced many graduates.
International Department Number of DDP participants
Country University Graduate Students currently participating/planning to participate
China Shanghai Jiao Tong University (started in 2014) 51 people 37 people
South Korea Seoul Women's University (Started in 2017) 10 people -
South Korea Shukumei Women's University (starting in 2021) - 15 people
米 国 Temple University Japan Campus (TUJ) (starting in 2019) 3 people 15 people
Australia University of Queensland (starting in 2023) - 1 people
(As of June 2022, 10)


Voices of alumni who participated in TUJ's DDP

Worked at The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo
Nanna Shioya
Department of International Studies Graduated in 2022
Department of International Studies_Mr. Shioya photo
Why did you participate?
The learning that went beyond just studying abroad was appealing. At TUJ, I took a variety of classes in English, including philosophy, literature, and politics.Through a series of learning activities such as reading papers, discussing, and writing reports, I was able to thoroughly improve my English skills.As a result, I have acquired a high level of practical English ability.
What is your biggest takeaway?
I was able to interact with people from various backgrounds. After joining TUJ, I was able to meet students of different nationalities, genders, and religious views.By talking with them, I was able to learn about experiences and opinions that I had never imagined before.These relationships were a great opportunity for me to expand my sense of values.
What was difficult?
My opinion is always asked. TUJ classes are discussion-style, so you have to express your ideas.I had a hard time getting used to it, but at the same time, I had a lot of respect for overseas students who valued their own ideas, and I started to want to have my own ideas and not be influenced by others.
Is it useful for your current job?
My experience with the program has been very helpful.My workplace is a foreign company, and even new employees are expected to speak up just like their senior colleagues.I believe that my ability to express my opinions without hesitation to others in such situations is a result of my studies at TUJ, where I was always required to have my own ideas.

2|In the Department of International Studies, you can seriously study abroad in two countries.

Students who choose English + German or English + French can study in two countries: an English-speaking country (Boston or TUJ) + Germany, or an English-speaking country (Boston or TUJ) + France.The Department of International Studies is one of the few departments in Japan that allows students to study abroad in two countries.Some students who choose English + Vietnamese study abroad in both Vietnam and TUJ.
Achievements over the past 5 years
Study abroad year 2nd year germany 2nd year France 3nd year germany 3nd year France Study abroad in 2 countries
2018 - 2 people 1 people 4 people 7 people
2019 1 people 3 people 9 people 2 people 15 people
2020-21 Travel canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic
2022 3 people 9 people 2 people 1 people 15 people


Voices of students who studied abroad in Germany and the United States

Mari Kimeda
International Department 2th year
Graduated from Hachioji Private High School, Hachioji Gakuen, Tokyo
Department of International Studies_Mr. Kimeda_Leipzig_Photos
Why did you decide to study abroad in two countries?
Studying abroad in two countries was very appealing to me as I wanted to visit as many countries and regions as possible.I decided to study abroad in Germany and the United States because I thought that studying abroad was a good opportunity to not only learn the language but also the culture and values ​​of the people of that country.
How about studying abroad in Germany?
One word is fun.All classes are held in German, so at first I sometimes couldn't understand the teacher's explanations, but I was able to translate difficult words into simpler ones, so I was able to enjoy learning.Also, everything I see in Germany feels new and my life is more enjoyable and fulfilling.
What's the big deal?
It's not easy to balance studying German and English at the same time, but the international studies classes involved a lot of group work, so I was able to have fun learning languages ​​with my friends.Currently studying abroad in Germany, I am paraphrasing new words from German into English so that I don't forget my English.
What are your future goals?
I would like to do work that conveys the charm of Japan to the world.My experience of studying abroad made this feeling even stronger.Right now, I don't know how I can achieve what I want to do, but I will try various things, including studying abroad in the United States, and look for ways to make my dreams come true.