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Serious study abroad in Showa Boston
Yuka Jibiki
2017 graduates
English comic_Boston graduate
What was your student life like?
I am interested in children's English, I want to get an English teaching license, I want to study abroad for a long time, and I want to graduate in 4 years.The Department of English Language and Communication is the place to do it all.While studying abroad in Showa Boston, I was able to participate in classes at local universities and introduce Japanese culture at local elementary schools and the Boston Children's Museum, giving me a variety of experiences outside of the classes at Showa Boston.After studying abroad, I actively participated in off-campus contests while I was busy studying for teacher training and children's English education.Having the support of the faculty and staff helped me become proactive.
What are you currently doing?
After graduating, I decided to test my abilities by studying at a graduate school in the United States and working to support international students there.Currently, I am teaching at a university and helping students realize their dreams of attending an English-speaking university.I still cherish the advice that a teacher in Boston gave me when I was having trouble speaking while studying abroad: ``Do your best at that moment.''Based on my own experience of becoming proactive after studying abroad, I try to support the people I interact with so that they can gain confidence.

A variety of programs unique to Showa Boston that support life in Boston

Understanding Boston Society: Volunteer Activities
In Showa Boston's ``Volunteer'' class, students learn about theory and history, and then actively engage in activities in collaboration with local NPOs.Volunteer activities provide an opportunity to learn about social issues faced by local communities in Boston.
English Comic_Boston Volunteer

International exchange in Boston
In the program, students interact with college students of the same age in the Boston area, where they go out together and hear about ways young people can enjoy Boston.In addition, in a program where students interact with local families, they experience American culture by spending time together at Christmas and other events.
English comic_boston1

Showa Boston campus facilities and club activities
The Showa Boston campus has a learning support environment such as a library and study room, as well as facilities such as a gym, a heated pool with a Jacuzzi, a gymnasium, and a tea room.We have various clubs such as the tea ceremony club and the karuta club, and we sometimes hold events in collaboration with other Boston universities.Through club activities, you can connect with local society.
English comic_boston3
English comic_boston2

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Improve your English skills in Boston and spread your wings around the world
Ayoko Tabata
Study abroad at the University of Warsaw, Poland
English Communication Department 3rd year
Graduated from Saitama Prefectural Sakado High School
English comic_Tabata-san photo
What was your experience studying abroad in Poland?
At the University of Warsaw, I studied intercultural communication, Polish language, and took classes on international relations in Ukraine.Poland is a neighboring country of Ukraine, and was the country where the largest number of refugees came from in the first half of 2022, when I was studying abroad.At Warsaw Central Station, near the dormitory, there was a base that supported evacuees with medical care, food, and daily living.I have volunteered there several times.I felt that I was witnessing a historical moment.
Did you utilize your study abroad experience in Showa Boston and Poland?
The selective class called ACR, which I took at Showa Boston, offers lectures at university level overseas.
I had many opportunities to speak out through discussions and other activities, and was able to put my experience at ACR to good use when I studied abroad at the University of Warsaw.However, I felt that the ``level required'' was quite different in an environment where the people around you were Japanese compared to an environment where you were not.When I first started studying abroad in Warsaw, I felt very nervous about my lack of ability, but I gradually got the hang of it, made friends, and had a fulfilling study abroad experience.
Exchange certified study abroad/DDP (number of people)
Participation program 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
Number of exchange students 32 people 27 people 27 people 36 people 21 people
Number of TUJ DDP participants
1 people 2 people 4 people 7 people
Number of UQ DDP participants

1 people
*The number of exchange certified international students in 2023 is as of April 2023.
 TUJ DDP started the program with students enrolled in 2018, and the first batch of students transferred in 20.
 The fourth batch of students is scheduled to transfer in August 23.
 UQ DDP will start the program with students enrolled in 2021, and the first batch of students will transfer in 23.

List of exchange/privately funded study abroad destinations in 2022

Europe, America and Asia9University36famous study abroad
Italy University of Venice / University of Turin / Sapienza University of Rome
Poland University of Warsaw
United Kingdom university of northampton
Thailand Chiang Mai University
America Endicott College/University of Montana *Privately funded study abroad
Japan Temple University Japan Campus

Diverse study abroad programs

In the Department of English Language and Communication, students basically study abroad during the second half of their second year.

First semester of second year Second half of second year First semester of second year Second half of second year First semester of second year Second half of second year
Showa Boston
Boston Basic program: University
Boston Boston Long-term stay program: FSP
Certified study abroad*1
Boston Long-term Study Abroad University+certified study abroad
Boston Boston Long-term Study Abroad

Long-term Study Abroad
FSP+ certified study abroad

Long-term Study Abroad
Direct Track: Participate in an accredited study abroad program directly without going to Boston.English proficiency standards available
Long-term Study Abroad
Degree-based study abroad
(TUJ DDP / UQ DDP *2 / TUJ 3+1 MiM program *3)

First semester of second year Second half of second year First semester of second year Second half of second year First semester of second year Second half of second year First semester of second year Second half of second year

T.U.J. T.U.J. T.U.J. T.U.J.


TUJ 3+1 MiM

After early graduation T.U.J. T.U.J.
*1 What is accredited study abroad? A program that allows students to study abroad at an overseas university and earn credits while enrolled at Showa Women's University.
*2 What is DDP? A program that allows you to obtain two graduation qualifications (bachelor's degrees) from Showa Women's University and Temple University Japan Campus (TUJ) or the University of Queensland (UQ) in 5 years.
*3 What is the TUJ 3+1 MiM program? A program that allows students to earn a bachelor's degree from Showa University and a master's degree in management from Temple University Japan Campus in four and a half years from enrollment (four years of enrollment).
*For study abroad programs other than the basic program, there are English qualification test scores and performance standards.

Serious degree-type study abroad


Double degree program (DDP) where you can earn a bachelor's or master's degree from a partner university
Miyuka Terai
TUJ DDP 1st batch
English Communication Department 5rd year
Graduated from Showa High School attached to Showa Women's University, Tokyo
English comic_Mr. Terai
What are the characteristics of learning at TUJ DDP?
TUJ is a multicultural environment with students and faculty from around 60 countries around the world, and there was a lot of discussion and group work.At first, I was overwhelmed by the speed and accent of the English language, but I continued to study it greedily, thinking about what I understood and how to convey my ideas.By doing so, I gradually became able to have two-way, constructive discussions with my professors and peers.In terms of content, I learned subjects that I had not studied before, such as philosophy, and being able to clear the required level gave me a lot of confidence.
What is your job hunting experience and future goals?
When I was looking for a job, my English ability was evaluated, and TUJ DDP was also recognized.More than that, I think many of them found the internal growth they gained through this DDP, such as ``communication skills'' and ``understanding of diversity,'' appealing.I chose an environment where I could realize my aspirations as a member of society and where I could make the most of my individuality. I would like to utilize the skills I have cultivated at DDP, approach my work with a sincere attitude, and continue to study hard so that I can realize my goal of working overseas in the future.