Faculty of Global Business

Faculty of Global Business
Faculty of Global Business
As a business person, can play an active role globally Develop human resources
Along with major changes in the world economy and lifestyles, women's active participation in the business world is about to become even more active in Japan.At the same time as acquiring the skills and knowledge as a business person, we will develop business personnel who can act on their own initiative and who can play an active role on the global stage.
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How small organizations open up opportunities for survival
Saayako Miura Assistant Professor

How can a small town store survive in the face of fierce competition from large corporate stores?And how can a small non-profit organization aiming for a better world change corporate behavior?Furthermore, if small organizations such as street shops and non-profit organizations succeed in their efforts, what kind of changes will it bring to markets and industries?Sometimes unexpected changes occur.The phenomenon of a small organization somehow succeeding and leading to an unexpected market shift is a "mysterious" phenomenon.I am conducting research to elucidate "why and how it happened" about such phenomena.Specifically, in recent years, I have been researching the Japanese shoe industry.
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Studied abroad in Wisconsin, USA as an exchange student while studying at Waseda University School of Commerce.After working for Secom Co., Ltd., he obtained a doctorate in commerce from Hitotsubashi University Graduate School of Commerce.After researching and teaching at multiple universities, she joined Showa Women's University in 2020.Her specialty is management organization theory and management strategy theory.Her main papers include “The developmental hi story of the insole market in Japan”, “Strategy modification and market creation of social action groups”, “Why the shoes you choose hurt your feet”, and others.She strives to disseminate her research results both domestically and internationally. She is an outstanding teacher in 2015 (Shujitsu University).