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We have a system in which international students can take undergraduate courses as non-degree students.
Please apply by the designated application deadline after checking the application qualifications carefully.

Graduate School Preparatory for International Students

Graduate school preparatory for international students is a system that allows students who aim to go to our graduate school to take undergraduate courses. The enrollment period is six months and can be extended up to one year. At least 1 courses per semester are required to maintain a student visa.
*Students can apply for the graduate school entrance examination along with "graduate school preparatory for international students."
Click here for application guidelines for 2024.
Application conditions Those who meet all of the following
  1. Female who has non-Japanese nationality
  2. Those who are aiming to go on to Showa Women's University Graduate School
  3. Persons who fall under any of the following 1-2
    1. Those who have completed a course in a foreign country equivalent to the 16-year course of Japanese school education, or those who are expected to complete the course by the time they enter our university as international students preparing to enter graduate school.
    2. Those who have graduated from a Japanese university with a residence status of "Student" or those who are expected to graduate by the time they enter our university as international students preparing to enter graduate school.
  4. Those who have passed N2 and above of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, or those who can prove that they have equivalent Japanese language proficiency
Required Documents Resume, reasons for application, research plan, financial support plan, academic transcript, graduation (or expected graduation) certificate (Japanese or English), attendance record & personal introduction from Japanese language school, copy of certificate of Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2 or higher, copy of passport, copy of residence card (both sides)
[Designated format]
Reason for application
Research Plan
Financial support plan
<For those who wish to extend their enrollment period>Reason for period extension
Schedule Spring semester (April to September)
Fall semester (October to March)
*Applications are accepted every half term.Please check the application guidelines for application deadlines and methods, and apply according to the procedures.
Selection method Acceptance will be determined comprehensively based on application documents and an interview.
Audit fee
The total of 1 and 2 below will be collected as the attendance fee.
1.Registration fee: 3,000 yen each semester
2.Course fee: 1 yen per one credit
*The number of credits that can be earned varies depending on the subject. Course fees vary depending on the total number of credits.
*Even if you cancel your course during the semester, the tuition fee once paid will not be refunded.
If you have any questions regarding the application process for graduate school preparatory for international students, please contact the Center for International Exchange (CIE) at

Bridge Program

Bridge Program enables international students who are currently enrolled in our partner Japanese language schools to take courses at SWU. In order to apply, students must be officially recommended by schools.

In addition to taking classes with SWU students, students are privileged to use university facilities such as the library and cafeteria.
Please contact a Japanese language school to see if they have a partnership with SWU and how to apply.