Semester Program Application Procedure


I. Create an Account for Online Application

Please access the online application system below and enter your name and email address to create a new account.

*A confirmation email will be sent to the registered email address after registering an account.
 The email may be regarded as “spam”, so check the spam folders carefully.
*Please refer to the system manual for more details on the “SWU Web Application System” and the application procedure.SYSTEM MANUAL 

II. Be Nominated by Your Home Institution

Please ask the program coordinator at your home institution to have you nominated as an exchange student.
If you wish to study abroad at our university as an exchange student, please follow the instructions of your university's program application period and procedures so that you can be listed on the applicant list (nomination list) addressed to our university in advance.
<Nomination Deadline>
Spring semester:November 11th (immovable)
Fall semester:
November 5th (immovable)

<Info for Coordinators at Universities Overseas>
Nomination List (Excel)
SWU Incoming Exchange Student Information Sheet

III. Submit Application Online

Log in to the below web application system with your ID(email) and Password, input necessary information, and upload mandatory documents for the application.

<Submission deadline>
Spring semester:November 11th (immovable)
Fall semester:
November 5th (immovable)

<List of documents to be uploaded online>
Please submit all documents listed in a) to j) below by the deadline above.
However, for documents highlighted in yellow, please submit them as soon as they are ready.

a) Personal Information and Consent Form
b) Self-introduction Sheet (Handwritten)
c) Transcript of Home Institution in English with official seal
d) Certificate of Enrollment (Student Registration) in English with official seal
e) Letter of Recommendation from Home Institution in English or Japanese(free format)
f) Application for Certificate of Eligibility(COE) *PDF direct input form (Application for Certificate of Eligibility)
Samples:English version/Japanese version
g) ID photo data (Ratio: 4:3 / Image quality: 354 x 472 pixels or more (300dpi) / File format: jpeg / jpg)
*The photo data will be used for the application form for the Certificate of Eligibility and student ID card.
*Please take a photo with a plain background and no shadows facing the front.
※For more information;Immigration Services Agency websitePlease refer to.
h) Copy of passport identification page
i) Hirao Scholarship Application Form *Only for those who wish to apply
*For details about the Hirao Scholarship Click here for more information.Please confirm.
j) A copy of the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) score sheet *only those who have them

IV.Visa Process

After your application is officially accepted, SWU will proceed in applying for the Certificate of Eligibility (CoE).
Once the CoE is issued, SWU will send a digitalized copy of the Letter of Acceptance (LOA) and COE to the student’s email.
Once your Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) is issued, we will send you the CoE and LOA via email, so please apply for a visa in your home country as soon as you receive it.
*About visa application:
[Template] Visa Application Form

V. Preparing for Departure

Once your application is officially approved, you will be asked about your accommodation preference, detailed study plan, and other necessary information to match you with a “Host-Sister” and “Host-Family.”
Also, please book a flight on the designated arrival date once your student visa is issued. The flight should arrive at either Narita or Haneda Airport. Your Host sister will pick you up at the airport and help you get checked into your accommodation.
For further information regarding your study abroad preparation, please refer to the booklet :Pre-arrival-Student-Information