Employment support program

Employment support program

A personalized support system is in place.

Job hunting support course

We offer a variety of courses from written test preparation to interview preparation and industry research.
We hold a variety of job-hunting support courses with the aim of improving students' self-understanding, social understanding, vocational understanding, and job-hunting skills. Students can deepen their understanding of the profession through courses that students can participate in from the first year, and from the third year onwards, full-fledged support such as written test preparation, resume and interview preparation begins.There are also plenty of opportunities to contact companies, such as industry research seminars where companies are invited.
Job hunting support course

Individual interviews/writing support (face-to-face/online)

Detailed advice tailored to your aspirations and personality
Experienced career counselors are always on hand to listen to each student's concerns and provide friendly consultation.Especially when it comes to job hunting, we provide thorough support tailored to the individual's activity status, from self-analysis and industry research methods to resume writing and interview preparation.We also offer writing support that specializes in writing, focusing on resumes and entry sheets.In the year of graduation, Career Support Center staff members follow up with students individually and are responsible for supporting them until they decide on a career path.

Conducting personal interviews and mock interviews
We receive over 10,000 applications for individual interviews and mock interviews every year for all students.

writing support
You can receive advice and correction guidance on how to write resumes and entry sheets.

Individual interview/writing support


Participating students achieved high employment rates
Internships are primarily done during the summer vacation period and provide work experience at companies or government offices.By learning about the real world and thinking about your role in society while attending school, you will have a valuable opportunity to look ahead to your career path and future.The main target is 2nd and XNUMXrd year students.It is recognized as a credit for general education subjects.

Introduction of our university's original internship host companies
We introduce internships recommended by universities.Credit recognition is possible by meeting the requirements.
career internship

Mitsuha Career School

Career support from student to student
This is a voluntary organization of students who think independently about their own careers and who want to help the career development of our students.We are involved in a variety of activities, including planning and implementing events related to career support, and conducting surveys and research related to careers.The awareness and confidence gained here will become a great driving force for moving forward toward the future.

Main activities to date
  • Lecture “Thinking about employment/job hunting” held
  • Face yourself now! “Self-analysis session” held
  • Let's ask the prospective candidates! "ES analysis meeting" held
  • Planning and operation of the working adult mentoring system “Mentor Cafe”
Mitsuha Career School