Adult mentor system

Strong support for career design by women who are active in society

What is the adult mentor system?

This is a system in which the university provides an opportunity for students and trusted working adults to meet face-to-face and discuss career plans and lifestyles after graduation.Many of the mentors registered through open recruitment (with selection) have gone on to pursue diverse careers and serve as role models for female students.By directly meeting and interacting with the mentor of their choice, each student is able to visualize their future concretely.
You can meet mentors with these fields and backgrounds
  • General position at a major cosmetics company
  • Work as a manager at a financial institution
  • Work as a registered dietitian at a hospital
  • Supporting developing countries through international cooperation organizations
  • In charge of sales planning and marketing for IT companies
Number of adult mentor registrants
approx 370First name
Adult mentor system
Initiatives in each department in which adult mentors and alumni participate
Learn career design from the familiar goal of being a “senior”
We provide many opportunities for mentors, alumni, and current students to interact through information exchange sessions, lectures, and group gatherings.
Department-sponsored programs are stimulating learning opportunities that involve mentors and alumni who are tailored to students' needs.

Mentoring method

There are many ways to interact with a mentor (mentoring).You can choose according to your wishes and goals.
Mentoring method
Individual mentoring Students and mentors meet one-on-one.We have a database where you can search for mentors using keywords that interest you and apply for an interview. 
mentor cafe Dozens of students gather around several mentors and discuss a set theme. 
mentor fair Multiple mentors will respond to each student's consultation.