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Showa Women's University's Support Shown by High Employment Track Record
Excellent support is what supports high employment performance.
Showa Women's University designs student careers based on three pillars.*to support
* Career design is to design your own way of life with a focus on your occupation and employment.
Career support for designing your own way of life
Career design is the designing of one's own way of life with a focus on occupation and employment.
We provide substantial support throughout the four years so that students can acquire the power to do so.
Women's college No.1
*1 Actual employment rate = number of people who find employment / [number of graduates - number of students advancing to graduate school] x 100
*2 University communication research (more than 1,000 graduates)

Three Pillars to Support Career Design

Three Pillars of Career Design

Student of Showa Women's University spreading her wings!

We introduce current students who are about to enter society, as well as graduates who are active in a variety of fields.

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