Project activity


Acquire the ability to apply knowledge by tackling issues with companies and regions.

“Purpose” of project-based learning

At Showa Women's University, we aim to embody our founding spirit of "Let's be a light to the world," and aim to produce into society a wide range of women who can think and act on their own. We are promoting “project-based learning” as an opportunity for students to proactively work on problem solving through relationships with organizations.
Each faculty/department incorporates projects and problem-solving learning opportunities that make use of the characteristics of the faculty/department into the curriculum and specialized area learning that are structured according to the diploma policy.
In addition, at the "Modern Business Research Institute", projects are being developed to solve problems faced by society and companies from a student's own perspective. I can.
Through the opportunity to participate in "project-based learning," many students are able to accumulate experiences that only this university can provide, leading a dynamic student life.

 Experience gained through “project-based learning”

  • Experience in acquiring academic knowledge (education and specialized knowledge/skills) and applying it
  • Deepen your understanding of society, engage with society, and experience contributing to society
  • Experience in discovering issues on your own and drawing goals and paths to solve them
  • Experience in thinking, acting and accomplishing goals from multiple perspectives
  • Experience of understanding one's own characteristics, respecting others, and collaborating with diverse people

Students look back on the experiences they have gained through these "project-based studies" and record their own growth process in a "portfolio", which they use to plan their next study and choose their future course.

Students growing through project-based learning


List of projects

Department Project List
Modern Business Institute Project List

See/know the results of the project

It is introduced on each department's website, blog, project information site "S-LABO", modern business research institute "project implementation report", Showa Women's University TV "student project".

Website of each department
From the official page, please visit the department's original homepage and blog site.

Institute of Current Business Studies "Project Implementation Report"

The Modern Business Research Institute website provides activity reports of projects that have already been implemented.
You can watch videos of student activities on a wide variety of projects.

Project implementation report
Project implementation report

Project information site "S-LABO"

This is a report of an ongoing project.
You can know the progress of the students themselves.


Showa Women's University TV "Student project"

The video introduces student project activities and survey results.

Showa Women's University TV "Student project"
stv project