Club / Circle activities

About clubs and circles

What is a club/circle?

Club and circle activities are considered a part of the university's education.
Clubs and circles are voluntary organizations in which members of our university students who share the same aspirations and goals, regardless of grade or department, participate in voluntary activities.
Through club and circle activities, you can develop healthy hobbies and a rich sense of humor, deepen your friendships, and work together toward a common goal to improve each other's abilities.We hope that this event will be more than just a leisure gathering, but an active activity for self-development.

List of clubs and circles

Cultural system
ク ラ ブCircle
Ikuta style koto music club
illustration department
Urasenke tea ceremony club
Theater department
light music club
Calligraphy club
Brass band club
Literature club
Broadcasting Research Group
mandolin guitar club
Etiquette/Japanese clothing club Aoi
Aimei-ryu Senchado Circle
Ikenobo flower arrangement circle
SWU Fair Trade Circle
Empowerment Setagaya
Competitive Karuta Circle
International contribution circle
Children's research group
photography club
sign language circle sign language circle
Showa Gleam International
Sing Song Society
Study For Two
Spread Japanese food culture with Business.(SJB)
mystery research group
Folklore study group
Physical education
ク ラ ブCircle
Aikido Club
competitive dance club
cricket club
Kendo club
Rigid tennis club
swimming club
Dance club AUBE
basket Club
Badminton club
Volleyball club
figure skating club
floor hockey club
Athletics part
Wonder Vogel Club
Sports chanbara circle

Establishment of new clubs and circles

For circles not listed, it is possible to create a new circle if there are 2 or more members.The two founders and their advisor (a full-time faculty member at our university) will submit an application for establishment to the dean of students, and after receiving permission, the organization will begin its activities.Club and circle activities are extremely important in terms of their significance as a place for all-round education and the revitalization of student life, so it goes without saying that they are not just leisure or entertainment.

Rules regarding clubs and circles

please use this form..

List of submitted documents for clubs/circles

Documents can be downloaded from the favorite link of UP SHOWA (student portal site) - [Site for applications for clubs and circles*] - Google Drive for downloading application documents.You can also download it on your home PC.
*Please log in using the ID and password provided by the university.