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The following materials are distributed free of charge at Open Campus and our university (Admission Center).
In addition, all the requirements related to entrance examinations, including the following, can be downloaded from the websites of each entrance examination.
Please download the documents, including the documents required for application, on the page of each entrance examination.

*All applications for each entrance examination are accepted online.


Materials that can be requestedcostShipping/billing address
University Guide 2025 EditionFreeRequest (telemail)
Entrance Examination Requirements Comprehensive/Open Recruitment Recommendation/General Entrance Examination RequirementsFreeRequest (telemail)
It is not necessary to order an application for admission.Easy application online!
You can apply for multiple entrance exams and multiple departments at the same time.Only one research report is required per application.There are also discounts for applying to multiple departments.

Graduate Schools

Materials that can be requestedcostShipping/billing address
Graduate school guide 2025 editionFreeRequest (telemail)
Entrance Examination Guidelines 2025 EditionFree

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