Disclosure of entrance examination results

Entrance exam results will be disclosed only to those who failed the general entrance exam (A schedule, B schedule, March term).

Disclosure details/application method

We will disclose the ``subject scores'', ``total scores'', and ``minimum passing score (total)'' taken for the exam.Please check the application method below and apply by mail within the period.
*Scores disclosed are standardized scores using standard deviation.
Application period Must arrive between April 2024, 4 and April 1, 5 *Only accepted by mail
Application fee 500 yen per examinee number
Required documents
  1. Application form for disclosure of entrance exam results* Download 2024 results disclosure application form
  2. Examination ticket
  3. Fixed amount money order (500 yen per examinee number. Please send anonymously.)
  4. Resident record (Only if the address is different from the address reported at the time of applicationPlease send. )
*Please fill in the necessary information on the application for disclosure of entrance exam results.
Application method Please send by registered mail to the Entrance Examination Results Disclosure Section at Showa Women's University Admission Center during the above application period.

Disclosure method

We will send you a grade disclosure form by mail. (Mid-May to mid-June)

Showa Women's University Admission Center
E-mail: spas@swu.ac.jp
0120-5171-86(Fixed-line phone) TEL: 03-3411-5154
Reception hours Weekdays 9:00-16:00
154-8533-1 Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 7-57