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Entrance examination

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When will I receive my admission ticket?
Admission tickets will not be sent by the university.Once your mailed application documents are accepted by our university, you will be able to print your admission ticket from My Page in the online application.Please be sure to print your own A4 size portrait and bring it with you on the day of the exam.Please check the entrance exam guidelines for each exam to find out when the admission ticket will be issued.
Please tell me about the trends in exam questions for dates A and B.
For the entrance exam, we create questions that primarily test students' ability to understand lessons up to high school.Be sure to master the basics of the textbook.
Previous year's past questions are available on the homepage.In addition, we are distributing "Entrance Exam Question Collection" at Open Campus.please refer.There is also a collection of questions for this university (commonly known as the ``red book'') published by Kyogakusha.It can be purchased at bookstores around November every year.
Past issues
If I am applying for multiple exam dates for the general entrance exam, how many research documents do I need?
If you are applying at the same time, please send one copy.The same applies when applying to multiple departments with the same entrance exam. One research document is required for each application envelope.
Do you place importance on research papers when deciding whether to pass or fail the general entrance examination?
Although the questionnaire will not be scored, it will be used as a valuable document for determining pass/fail.
Will scores be adjusted between subjects in the general entrance exam?
Scores for each subject (excluding tests using the common test) are converted into deviation values ​​for determination, so there is no adjustment of scores between subjects.

Admission procedure

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I confirmed my acceptance on the ``Pass/Fail Inquiry Site,'' but I have not received the procedure documents.
We will not send you a notification of acceptance or a transfer form by mail.Please print it yourself (AXNUMX color recommended) from the Internet application site "My Page".Applicants who wish to enroll should pay the enrollment fee at a financial institution (counter, ATM, internet banking) or by credit card within the enrollment procedure period.If you wish to pay at a financial institution, please print and use the university-designated "transfer form" posted at the bottom of the acceptance letter. If paying via ATM or internet banking, please transfer the amount to the university account listed on the transfer form.If you wish to pay by credit card, please follow the instructions displayed on the admission procedure page.
If you have completed the transfer of the enrollment fee, you will be able to "register information for enrollment" on My Page.Please read the posting carefully and register within the deadline.
I have been selected as a substitute, but when will I receive notification that my position will be moved up?Also, how many people will come?
The early results announcement date is listed on the "Pass/Fail Inquiry" page on My Page.Those who are accepted early will be able to print the acceptance letter and transfer form from the "Admission Procedures/Document List" page on My Page on the day the early pass is announced.Also, depending on the procedure status of successful candidates, candidates will be advanced in order starting with the highest score.The number of students who are promoted varies depending on the year and department.We cannot answer questions regarding the likelihood of passing the exam.
I have completed the admission procedure, will I receive any communication from you?
Those who have completed the transfer of the tuition fee at the time of enrollment and the registration of information for enrollment have completed the procedure.For those who complete the application, a "Certificate of Admission" will be issued to your online application My Page.
Can I still complete the admission procedure even after the deadline for admission procedures has passed?
Your admission will be treated as declined.Applications will not be accepted after the processing period has passed.
I transferred the money from my bank just before the deadline for admission procedures.The person at the bank told me that the transfer would be processed the next day.Could you please accept it?
If the bank teller's stamp on the receipt is on the deadline date, we will accept it.You may need to check your receipt, so please keep it in a safe place.
I don't have the money ready by the deadline.Can I defer payment or pay in installments?
A two-step procedure is possible for comprehensive selection and general entrance exams on schedule A and B, as well as on the common test type I period.Please check the entrance examination guidelines for details.As a general rule, late payment will not be accepted.
Can I make a deposit from an ATM or internet banking without using a transfer form?
Transfers can also be made via ATM or internet banking.In that case, be sure to enter the examinee number and the applicant's name in the transfer requester's name field. (Example: 123456 Showa Hanako)
Passed in different departments using A schedule and common test type I.If I later want to enroll in the department I was accepted to, do I have to transfer the tuition fee again?
You can only change your admission department if you have passed the previous exam and completed the admission procedures. Tuition fees that have already been paid will be transferred to the department you are changing to. If there is a difference in fees between departments, it will be settled during the change procedure. Please be sure to contact the Admission Center by phone (TEL: 2-1-03) during the procedure period for the department that you later passed (in the case of a two-step procedure, the first procedure period). We will send you the change procedure documents.
I decline admission.I would like to get my money back, so please let me know how to proceed.
For those who decline, the amount other than the admission fee will be refunded.For eligible students (those who have paid their tuition fees in full at the time of enrollment), a "Decline Admission" button will be displayed on the My Page of the online application.If you are applying for a refund of tuition fees, please read the information posted on My Page carefully and register your refusal of admission.The refund will be transferred to your designated financial institution approximately two weeks after you register to decline admission.
Registration deadline for declining admission: March 2025, 3 (Monday)

Entrance ceremony

I understand that the ceremony attire is a black suit, but is there a requirement for pants or a skirt?How many times a year do you wear ceremonial clothes?What kind of event will you wear it for?
Below is a summary of the ceremonial attire.
  1. As long as the top and bottom are plain black (suits, dresses, ensembles, etc.), there is no particular designation regarding the shape.
  2. If you have already purchased a dark blue or gray suit that is almost black, please contact the Student Support Division of the Academic Support Center by phone (TEL 03-3411-5118).
  3. Bags and shoes are not specified.
  4. I only wear it about XNUMX-XNUMX times a year.Entrance ceremonies, graduation ceremonies, founding commemorative ceremonies, and other occasions when necessary.
  5. Looking at the students entering each year, it seems that most of them wear white blouses and black suits.Don't worry too much about the details, and when in doubt, try to think of ``neat clothes that would be appropriate for a new student.''Please feel free to contact the Student Support Division of the Academic Support Center.

Entrance ceremony

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