Comprehensive selection entrance examination

This is information for the 2024 entrance exam. Information regarding the 2025 entrance exam will be updated as soon as it is decided.

Entrance exam schedule (2024 entrance exam)

Application Periods test day Announcement of Successful Applicants Admission procedure
September 2023, 9 (Tuesday) - September 19, 9 (Friday) First: Sunday, October 10th※ 1
Second: Sunday, October 10nd
11/1 February 11th (Wednesday) -March 1th (Wednesday) ※ 2
Applications can only be accepted by mail (postmark valid)

※ 1 For departments that require a written examination in the primary screening, the examination will be held at the university (Setagaya Campus).The target is the following 7 departments.
  Department of Psychology, Department of Food Science and Nutrition, Department of Health Science, Department of Business Design, Department of Accounting and Finance, Department of English Language and Communication, Department of International Studies
※ 2 You can choose to pay the enrollment fee in one lump sum or in two stages.The deadline for the two-step procedure for enrollment fees is Sunday, December 12th.

Entrance examination summary

Entrance examinations based on admission policies of Showa Women's University and each department

Dedicated application system
For the Department of Modern Liberal Arts, Department of Elementary Education, and Department of Management and Nutrition, applicants must make this university their first choice.
Concurrent application system
For departments other than those listed above, it is possible to apply for entrance exams at our university and other universities at the same time (excluding those who have passed other entrance exams).

Screening method

Comprehensive selection entrance examination
*4 The interview includes a test question.
*5 If you submit a certificate of CEFR B4 or above for the English 2-proficiency test, you will be exempted from the written test for the first round (tests with an expiration date will be accepted within the expiry date, and exams without an expiration date will be accepted after April 2021. (limited to certification exams taken).

Examination hallSetagaya Campus
Screening methodSuccess or failure will be determined based on application documents, written test (essay/aptitude test) results, and interview.
The selection process is a two-stage selection process.Please note that the contents of the first and second screenings differ depending on the department.
Required DocumentsDocuments required for application (please download and use)
Past issues

First selection subject

For departments where the 2024 Comprehensive Selection First Selection is [assignment], please download and use the form below and enclose it with your other application documents.
*Please note that for departments that require a written test in the first round of selection, the test will be held at our university (Setagaya Campus).
Department of Japanese Language and Literature
Assignment download
Department of History and Culture
Assignment download
Department of Social Welfare
Assignment download
Department of Contemporary Liberal Arts
Assignment download
Department of Elementary Education
Assignment download
Department of Food Safety Management
Assignment download
Department of Environmental Science and Design
Assignment download

2023 Comprehensive Selection Entrance Examination Results

2023 Comprehensive Selection Entrance Examination Results
For details, please see "Entrance Examination Guidelines".
The entrance exam requirements areplease use this form.You can download from.
If you wish to sendplease use this form.Please apply to.
Showa Women's University Admission Center
0120-5171-86(Fixed-line phone) TEL: 03-3411-5154
Reception hours Weekdays 9:00-16:00
154-8533-1 Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 7-57