Entrance exam points


XNUMX points

exam near me
The A schedule entrance examination will be held at 10 venues in 10 cities nationwide, including our university.
Entrance exam point 01
wide range of options
You can apply to multiple departments in all general selections (A schedule, B schedule, common test type, March semester),Simultaneous application for the same entrance examinationThe examination fee will be 2 yen from 10,000 subjects.
General selection
A/B/March period
Common test type
2 subject examination fee
Increased potential
A maximum of 3 subjects can be taken for the entrance examinations for Schedule A and Schedule B. For elective subjects other than required subjects of the department to which you applied, the highest score of the subjects you have taken will be used.
A schedule/B schedule entrance examination
Up to 3 subjects can be taken
Safe application
If you apply for both Schedule A and Schedule B entrance exams, pass the A schedule, and enter our university, the examination fee for the B schedule entrance examination will be refunded after enrollment.
* Only if you are absent on the day of the B schedule test.
Apply for both schedule A and schedule B
If you pass the A schedule and enter this university, the examination fee for the B schedule entrance examination will be returned after admission.
Safe procedure
For schedule A, schedule B, and standardized test type I entrance examination, you can complete the two-step procedure for payment at the time of admission.
A schedule, B schedule, common test type I period
Two-step procedure for payment at the time of admission

2024 entrance examination changes

Expanding the simultaneous application system to all 11 departments in the comprehensive selection entrance examination, widening the range of application and admission procedures
・It is possible to apply for other entrance examinations of other universities and this university in all 11 departments except for the department of modern liberal arts, the department of elementary education, and the department of management nutrition.
・At the time of application, participation in the open campus (department briefings and individual consultations) is not mandatory.Participation is optional, but recommended to deepen your understanding of the department.
・The primary screening (aptitude test) for the Department of English Language and Communication and the Department of International Studies will be exempted if a certificate of English 4 skills test CEFR B2 or higher is submitted.
・You can choose to pay the payment at the time of admission in one lump sum or in two stages.The deadline for the two-step procedure for payment at the time of enrollment is Sunday, December 12th.
We will expand the number of graduation years eligible for application through an open recruitment system and the Mitsuha Alumni Association recommendation entrance examination.
We are looking for students who will graduate in 2022 or are expected to graduate in 2023.

We will maximize the application period with A schedule, B schedule, and common test type I
Applications will be available from December, giving you plenty of time to prepare.

2025 entrance examination changes

We will inform you about the subjects and scope of questions in the 2025 general entrance examination

The flow of the entrance examination seen in the video

                               Showa Women's University 2024 Entrance Exam Points
Key points of the 2024 entrance examination
00:22 Points for selecting a desired university and department
02:37 Key points for the 2024 entrance examination (changes)
03:59 Entrance examination system and its characteristics
04:30 Comprehensive selection (multiple applications required except for some departments)
06:37 Open recruitment system recommendation (multiple application system)
07:45 General entrance examination
09:43 A schedule entrance examination
11:19 B schedule entrance examination
11:53 Common test-based entrance examination
13:21 March entrance examination Other entrance examinations
13:58 Points for studying for exams


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