List of test schedules and recruits

This is information for the 2024 entrance exam. Information regarding the 2025 entrance exam will be updated as soon as it is decided.

2024 University Entrance Exam List

Entrance examination Application Periods test day Announcement of Successful ApplicantsAdmission procedure
Comprehensive selection August 9 (Tue) - September 19 (Fri) First: Sunday, October 10th※ 1 
Second: Sunday, October 10nd
11/1February 11th (Wednesday) -March 1th (Wednesday)※ 2
Open recruitment recommendation
Koyo Alumni Association Recommendation
Designated school recommendation
September 11 (Thursday) to September 2 (Friday) 11/26 12/1May 12th (Fri) to May 1nd (Sun)
General entrance exam  A scheduleDecember 12 (Wednesday) to January 20, 2024 (Wednesday) 1/21 1/26June 1rd (Friday) -July 26th (Monday)
※ 2
B scheduleDecember 12 (Wednesday) to January 20, 2024 (Thursday)2/42/9March 2th (Fri) to March 9st (Thu), 2.
※ 2
Feburary TermJanuary 2024th (Sat) to February 2th (Sat), 10.3/23/6September 3rd (Wednesday) -September 6th (Tuesday)
Common test typePhase IDecember 12 (Wednesday) to January 20, 2024 (Friday)2/9March 2th (Fri) to March 9st (Thu), 2.
※ 2
Phase IIFrom June 2024, 1 (Tue) to July 30, 2 (Fri)2/24April 2nd (Sat) -April 24rd (Sun)
Transfer/Bachelor/Transfer November 9nd (Tuesday) - December 19st (Wednesday) 10/15 11/1February 11th (Wednesday) -March 1th (Wednesday)
Foreign Students October 11th (Monday) -November 20th (Monday) 1/6 1/12June 1rd (Friday) -July 12th (Monday)
Applications can only be accepted by mail (postmark valid)

※ 1  For departments that require a written examination in the primary screening, the examination will be held at the university (Setagaya Campus).The target is the following 7 departments.
  Department of Psychology, Department of Food Science and Nutrition, Department of Health Science, Department of Business Design, Department of Accounting and Finance, Department of English Language and Communication, Department of International Studies
※ 2  You can choose to pay the entrance fee in one lump sum or in two stages.​

Recruitment number (FY2024)

In addition to the following, we are recruiting for designated school recommendation, Koyo Alumni Association recommendation, affiliated school recommendation, and entrance examination for international students.
Note regarding the number of applicants: The number of successful applicants may not reach the number of applicants, depending on the applicant's academic ability.

Recruitment number for 2024

Showa Women's University Admission Center
0120-5171-86(Fixed-line phone) TEL: 03-3411-5154
Reception hours Weekdays 9:00-16:00
154-8533-1 Taishido, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 7-57