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What kind of classes do you take at university?
What can you learn in this field?

To high school teachers

At Showa Women's University, we hold on-site lectures for high school students to help them learn about the university's course content, academic areas offered, and various research fields.
I hope that gaining an overview of each academic field while experiencing university classes will help you choose your career path. We also hope that by learning about the joy of learning and experiencing the charm of university instructors, you will be able to further increase your sense of purpose and desire to attend university.
We hope that you will utilize Showa Women's University's on-site lectures for your school's educational and career support activities.

If you would like to give a lecture on-site

If you would like to attend an on-site lecture, please check the list of on-site lectures below, fill out the application form, and apply by fax or e-mail to the Admission Center.Please note that we may not be able to accommodate your request due to distance, instructor schedules, etc.

List of on-site lectures
On-site lecture application form

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