Student of Showa Women's University spreading her wings!
Yumeka Fushiki
Department of English Language and Communication
Job offer: JAL Sky Co., Ltd. General staff (ground staff)

Publication date: August 2023, 12

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My dream was to become a JAL ground staff member.
As a part-time worker, I worked in the customer service industry, and felt the satisfaction of seeing that my actions were directly connected to the smiles of customers, which led me to apply to work at a company I admired and want to make customers smile before they depart.I believe that a work style that allows you to turn positive feelings into something even more positive through your own actions is in line with what you consider to be rewarding.
To put it simply, job hunting is a "battle with yourself."
I get a lot of emails from various job-hunting sites, and I get anxious because I'm influenced by the situations of my friends around me, but I realize that there's no point in comparing myself to those around me.
If you neglect self-analysis and company research, it will all come back to you.
I don't know where to start and job hunting can become a hassle, but narrowing down the industry you want to work in and doing self-analysis is the key to getting a job offer. I think it's a shortcut.Because I am choosing a company where I will be working for a long time, I want my juniors to do their best while taking a break, taking care of their health, and having fun.