Student of Showa Women's University spreading her wings!
Hina Kanai
Department of Accounting and Finance
Job offer: DTS Co., Ltd. Accounting position

Publication date: August 2023, 12

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[Experience as a project leader and acquire skills that are useful in business settings]
The Department of Accounting and Finance, to which I belong, has active industry-government-academia collaborative project activities that students can participate in from their first year.I wanted to acquire practical business skills while attending school, so I participated in four projects.From that experience, I developed a strong desire to provide safety and convenience to people and solve social issues, which greatly influenced my choice of company when job hunting.

Characteristics of education at Showa Women's University (project-based learning)
It was a great benefit for me to be able to raise my awareness of schedule management while working on multiple projects simultaneously.In the joint project with Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd., where I served as a leader, I worked with members from different grades and departments to make the project a success, and I believe I learned the importance of accepting the ideas of others.My goal is to continue to develop my leadership and expertise.