Student of Showa Women's University spreading her wings!
Mana Kirita
Department of International Studies
Job offer: Amano Co., Ltd. Sales position

Publication date: August 2023, 12

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[Through studying abroad in Korea, I realized the importance of making efforts to achieve results]
Participating in the "Double Degree Program," which allows you to obtain a degree from an overseas university, has greatly contributed to my growth.
When I studied abroad at Sookmyung Women's University in South Korea, I took classes with Korean students, so I made constant efforts to keep up with the high-level classes by going to the library every day and consulting with professors and friends. I did.Although I faced many problems while studying abroad, I gained the strength to solve them on my own, and I feel that I was able to grow significantly.

Showa Women's University Study Abroad System (Double Degree Program)
Faculty of International Studies Study Abroad Program
At the time of graduation, I received the highest grade award presented to the head of the department (note: I was the head of all undergraduate students, including local students!), which gave me a sense of accomplishment and confidence.Through this experience, I was able to realize that I am a surprisingly strong person.During my job search, there were times when I had a difficult time getting a job offer, but I thought, ``I can do it!'' and I think I was able to continue without giving up.I want to demonstrate this confidence and willingness to take on challenges in the workplace as well.

Article where Mr. Kirita was introduced
There is no need to compare yourself to others when job hunting, and I was able to find my ideal company as a result of my own efforts.
I hope everyone can find the company that suits them in their own way!