Student of Showa Women's University spreading her wings!
Maki Abe
Department of Business Design
Job offer: Fujitsu General Co., Ltd. General position (Human Resources)

Publication date: August 2023, 12

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During my job hunting, no matter how bad things were, I kept thinking, ``Will I be smiling next April?'' and did my best without giving up.At the university's career support center, all staff members were very supportive of students, and during individual interviews, I was able to speak honestly without fear even though the person in charge had changed.

Career support at Showa Women's University
When it comes to job hunting, you can't just get accepted and everything will go well.
To be honest, I also fell a lot.However, I did not give up and continued to work hard until the end with the mindset of ``For my future self'', and as a result, I was able to receive a job offer that I was satisfied with.I'm looking forward to the new year of becoming a member of society!
There is no need to compare yourself to others when job hunting, and I was able to find my ideal company as a result of my own efforts.
I hope everyone can find the company that suits them in their own way!