Behind the menu offerings based on the Planetary Health Diet
Saito, Fujie, Kitagawa (from right in the photo)
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Publication date: August 2023, 7
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The Planetary Health Diet (PHD) was proposed as an earth-friendly diet in a report published by the EAT Lancet Committee in 2019. This diet is considered to be a guideline for achieving both "sustainability" and "human health."So far, in the PHD project, we have learned about the concept of PHD, but our advisors (Mr. Kanako Masuno, who teaches "Scientific English") have taught us that it is important not only to know but to take action. We received advice from Yuko Teshima, who works as a development consultant to solve nutritional issues in Africa and Asia.
 As our members come together in the belief that it is important not only to understand theory, but also to take action that has benefits for society, we have been thinking about what university students studying health and nutrition can do. Ta.The conclusion was (1) to first make students of the same generation aware of the concept of PHD, and (2) to propose specific dietary methods that are easy to implement on a daily basis.
 One of our active members was the leader of the ``H&B Project,'' which provides healthy menus in student cafeterias, so we were able to provide PHD menus for the school cafeteria menu in July.However, even though the plan for providing the menu was decided, it was also the beginning of trial and error for the active members in developing the PHD menu.

While thinking about the menu, we came up with the following concept.
[PHD menu concept]
 ・Easy, delicious, and healthy
 ・The selected ingredients should not be completely plant-based (vegetable foods), but it is OK to change even a small amount of animal-based ingredients to plant-based foods, so that they are closer to PHD.
 -Make your main dish protein source from plant-based protein.
 ・It is easy for the target person to incorporate little by little on a daily basis as a behavioral change in food selection.

 The members decided on the above concept because they wanted as many people as possible to know about PHD and to let them know that they can practice PHD through everyday, familiar ingredients and contribute to the sustainability of the earth.

 The most difficult part was deciding what to use as a plant-based protein source for the main dish.At first, we thought of using koya tofu or tofu, and tried making koya tofu cutlets and tofu hamburger steaks, but we realized that there was no way we could easily make it on a daily basis.

I had a strong desire to use soybean products, a traditional Japanese protein source, and continued to experiment through trial and error.Meanwhile, I happened to stop by a local tofu shop and found that the ``big ganmodoki'' (big ganmodoki) was really delicious, and because it was mixed with vegetables and fried, it was filling and satisfying on its own.So, we narrowed down the ingredients for the main dish to ``Ganmodoki'', and after making a presentation to the school cafeteria's outsourced catering company, we received feedback that the dish looked beautiful and looked delicious: ``Teriyaki Ganmodoki Salad Bowl.'' It has been decided.

In the future, some of our members will be going on a short-term study abroad trip to a university in Arizona in the United States in the fall, so we would like to absorb the current state of ``sustainable food'' such as PHD and veganism in the United States and utilize it in our future activities. .

Planetary diet prototype
The prototype "Koya tofu cutlet" looked delicious, but it lacked in convenience. . .
planetary diet salad bowl lunch
[Planetary/Health/Diet Menu] Even with a nice dessert, it's well-balanced and low-calorie!
planetary diet poster
We also made a poster to promote the menu!