My international contribution - from my student days to the present
Department of Japanese Language and Literature

Publication date: August 2023, 7
From the Japanese blog
Yoko Kato, a Nihonbun graduate
My name is Kato and I graduated from the Department of Japanese Language and Literature in March 2022.
While I was in school, I majored in language courses and focused on studying Japanese language education.

I am currently working as a sales representative for a human resources company that specializes in foreign nationals.
This is my second year.
The reason I chose this job is because during my student days, through studying and practicing Japanese language education, studying abroad, and volunteering, I realized that I wanted to work in a job that supported foreign people in Japan.
Since my main job is to visit Japanese companies and do sales, I don't have many opportunities to directly interact with foreign staff.
However, I find it very rewarding to create an environment conducive to living and working in Japan, and to connect foreigners and Japanese people, albeit indirectly.
Graduation certificate of Mr. Kato, Japanese language graduate
Nichibun graduate Kato class
Calligraphy by Nihonbun graduate Kato
Let's wear a yukata, Mr. Kato, a Japanese language graduate.
We have also recently started Japanese language classes for foreign staff.
I study Japanese language education at university and pass the Japanese Language Teaching Proficiency Test.I am involved in the management of the school, drawing on my experience.
I think there are many students who are vaguely worried about the future, such as ``I don't know what I want to do'' or ``I don't want to become a member of society.''I was the same.
Of course, you may find it difficult at times, and as your responsibilities gradually become heavier, you will face many challenges.However, like when I was a student, I try to take on new challenges with a positive attitude, and I feel like I'm having fun every day, sometimes playing with friends from college to refresh myself and struggle every day.
Please allow me to send a final message to all current students.
Please try anything you want to try during your student life that you think would be interesting.
Through this process, I think you will gradually find out what you are interested in and what you are attracted to.
And never put it off.
I too have had many things I wanted to do eventually, such as interning abroad and traveling, but were unable to do so due to the coronavirus.We don't know what will happen in the future, not just the coronavirus, and we don't know if the next opportunity will come.
So, please try to make a move now so you don't regret it.
If you spend your time in this way, I'm sure you'll enjoy your student life and your future after graduation.
We sincerely support your student life and your future after graduation.