Department of History and Culture: Professor Akira Konita
Akira Konita
Department of History and Culture
Specially Appointed Associate Professor

Publication date: 2023.06.02
From the department blog
Historical literature Konita-sensei Yoko
Hello everyone. From April 2023, the third-year members of the Oriental History Seminar interviewed Professor Akira Konita, who came as a specially appointed associate professor at the Department of History and Culture, Faculty of Humanities and Culture, Showa Women's University.
Professor Konita, please tell us about your area of ​​expertise.
modern Chinese history.To put it in a little more detail, it will be "compilation of local historical journals after the Song Dynasty."
What made you want to study it?
At first, I was interested in the Song Dynasty (11th-13th centuries) and its society.Among them, I was interested in books called local history books that describe the contents of administration, products, culture, etc., and I wanted to know how they were made.How was it created and how did it evolve?At least in Japan, there are few people doing research, and I felt doubtful about it.
What areas have you been paying attention to recently?
As a researcher, I tend to try to do things on my own (laughs).That is why I am interested in ``local histories'' (comprehensive books that depict local regions centering on history, including ``local histories''). Even if there was research on things woven at home, there was almost no mention of the relationship with the outer region.Therefore, I am trying to create a new field called "local history studies" that transcends regions.
What kind of student were you at university?
I was in the choir, and I practiced almost every day, so that was the center of my life.Of course, people around me often say that I was enthusiastic about my classes (laughs).
History Mr. Konita XNUMX side
What made you decide to go to graduate school?
This is a negative reason, but partly because I was putting effort into the choir, my studies weren't progressing as I expected. It is the trigger that I felt.
Corona has been deregulated, but is there anything you want to do based on that?
This is an overseas survey.In March of this year, I went to Taiwan for the first time in three years.The scope of my own research is also expanding, so if I have the opportunity, I would like to go to South Korea, Vietnam, the United States, and Europe.I would like to extend my legs in Japan and come into contact with various historical materials.I would like to take my seminar students to fieldwork.I want to go to museums and second-hand bookstores, and I also want to have dinner with my seminar students.Let's go eat Chinese food!! (I want to go!!!)"
What is your impression of the students of the Department of History and Culture?
Compared to various universities when I worked part-time, I have the impression of being tough and serious.In order to make the best use of these strengths, I would like to help you develop your basic skills and broaden your horizons.
In particular, what is your impression of the seminar students of the Oriental history seminar?
I hope you all are doing very well.Once you have completed your job hunting, I would like you to create an opportunity to learn about Asia.On your graduation trip, please visit the area where you studied (where possible).There are areas in Japan that are closely related to your research field, so I would also recommend them.
What is your impression of the professor of the Department of History and Culture?
It's full of good people.There are many people who think hard about students, and there is a lot to learn.Also, one of the characteristics of the department is that there are many teachers who specialize in various fields, so there are many opportunities to come into contact with new knowledge, which is fun.

Reverse question!Conversely, is there anything you would like to know about us?
I want to know what history means to you.It may be difficult to get an answer from you at this stage, but I would like to take the time to find out.
Lastly, please tell us about the appeal of Eastern history in one word!
It is a field with high barriers between languages ​​such as kanji and local culture, but between Japanese people and Japan, those barriers are low, and learning itself is a field that can be proud of the world.