studying western art history
Jun Tanaka
Department of History and Culture

Publication date: 2023.05
From the 2023 department pamphlet
Mr. Tanaka's history
I enrolled because I wanted to specialize in Western history, but in my first and second years I took classes in a variety of fields, and now I am interested in Western art history, such as painter Manet.I think the good thing about the Department of History and Culture is that you can choose your field of specialization after learning from various perspectives.I think the good thing about history is that you can think about it.
In the Department of History and Culture, there are many opportunities for group work and face-to-face with raw historical materials (materials), centering on the compulsory subjects "Basics of History and Culture I / II", basic and research method subjects, and seminar subjects. , I also had the opportunity to visit art galleries and museums, so in addition to specialized learning, I was able to acquire the ability to appreciate and observe and the ability to discuss. Now, in my third year, I will use the knowledge I have acquired in various fields to bring my study of Western art history to fruition in my graduation research.