Introduction of new faculty members for 2023
Ryota Sakakibara
Department of Psychology
Associate professor

Publication date: 2023.04
From the department blog
Yoko Sakakibara
[Please tell us about your specialties and their charms]
I specialize in Emotional Psychology and Social Psychology.I am interested in how we can effectively control our emotions, and how we can utilize various information to make correct judgments and decisions.
It is attractive that you can objectively observe yourself and society from a perspective that is one step away, and that you can notice your research at random moments in your daily life.
[Please tell us about your recent research theme]
Through the experience of controlling emotions, we are working to clarify the question that the way we see and feel things changes little by little.
In addition, we are using actual data to verify whether the existence of "flow", which is often referred to in sports, really affects the development of matches and the performance of athletes.
In addition, I am conducting research that approaches social phenomena and social issues that are of concern from time to time from the perspective of psychology (recently, wearing masks during the corona crisis, etc.).

[Do you have any private interests?]
Watching my 1-year-old daughter grow up inevitably sparks my interest in developmental psychology (laughs).
I also like Japanese history, and my hobby is visiting historical sites, so if I have time, I would like to visit various historical sites in the Kanto region.
[Please give a message to prospective students who wish to enter the Department of Psychology]
The scope of psychology is so wide that it can be said that "everything related to humans is subject to research in psychology," and I think that is the most attractive and interesting aspect of psychology.
Even casual everyday questions can be great psychological research themes.Let's have fun learning psychology together!