Gender and life management
Jun Ito
Department of Social Welfare

Publication date: 2021.10
2023 University Information
Yoko Ito
[Research on the impact of socialization on welfare users and families from the perspective of household finances and gender]
Socialization of life is the substitution of social functions for private and individual functions within the home.Along with the declining birthrate, aging population, women's participation in society, and the review of gender roles in families and communities, childcare and nursing care services have become indispensable means of living, but these are also part of the socialization of life.The providers of livelihood means through the socialization of life are broadly divided into three categories: the private sector, the public sector, and the non-profit sector.In Japan, the socialization of life by the private for-profit sector is progressing on a large scale, and we "purchase" many of the welfare and life support services necessary for our lives.In such a society, I am researching how the gender wage gap and the poverty of women, which are sources of income, have a significant impact on household budgets and service availability.

After graduating from Showa Women's University, Faculty of Home Economics, Department of Human Life Sciences, and completing a master's course at the same university, she worked at a medical institution before joining Showa Women's University in 1999.The next year she became a full-time lecturer. In 2003, she entered the doctoral course of Showa Women's University as a working adult. She received her PhD in September 2005. In 9, she became an associate professor of the Department of Welfare and Environment, Faculty of Human and Social Sciences (now the Department of Social Welfare). Since 2007, she has been a professor at the Graduate School of Social Welfare Studies. From 2019, she will be a professor at the Graduate School of Life Mechanisms, and a professor at the same Graduate School of Welfare Society and Management, Welfare Co-Creation Management.She is a member of the Institute for Women's Culture, the Diversity Promotion Organization, etc.
His major works include Gender-Based Life Economy, Co-authored Life, Labor and Education in Welfare Society, Women and Family, Women and Career Design, and others.