Does your company create value?
Akishi Motoai
Department of Business Design

Publication date: 2021.10
2023 University Information
_ Mr. Motoi Yoko
[Exploring the value creation situation of companies operating internationally and appropriate corporate value]
Tesla, an American automaker, has one-tenth the sales volume and less than one-tenth the operating profit of Toyota Motor, but its market capitalization, which can be said to be corporate value, is more than four times.This seemingly mysterious phenomenon occurs because the value of a company is determined by its future performance (cash flow).A company's future performance depends on various factors, from company-wide policies such as management visions, business models, and strategies, to field-level initiatives such as marketing, product development, operations, supply chains, fundraising, leadership development, and management organization reforms. is involved.While evaluating these factors and analyzing the state of corporate value creation, I am conducting research to explore appropriate corporate value.

After graduating from Keio University, joined Nippon Steel Corporation (currently Nippon Steel Corporation), Stern Stewart Japan Branch Manager, Recruit Management Solutions Executive Officer, Senior Associate Professor at Temple University, etc., before joining Showa Women's University in 2021.She is a visiting professor at Temple University.She holds a master's degree in business administration from International University.She holds a PhD (Academic) from International Christian University.In addition to consulting and research activities in the field of corporate finance, she has experienced general business management work at a business company. She is the author of many books, including "Introduction to Corporate Finance Learned in Parallel English" and "Corporate Measure - Practical Learning 'Reading' Introduction to Management Indicators".