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Intentionally and systematically towards the ideal future
Nguyen Khaing Linh
Department of Business Design

Posting date: 2022.5
From Showa Gakuho
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Nguyen Khanh Linh is from Vietnam and graduated from our university in 1 as the first student of the Department of Business Design, Faculty of Global Business.In addition to studying at the overseas campus "Showa Boston", she continues to take on global challenges by making use of her studies at the University of Queensland, Australia, which is a partner school, as an accredited exchange student.

[Attracted by the kindness and fulfilling program when visiting the university]
At high school in Vietnam, I was interested in Japanese culture, so I majored in Japanese.My interest came from anime, but I decided to study abroad in Japan because I wanted to see Japan with my own eyes and experience life in various ways.
I chose Showa Women's University because of the kindness of the staff during the tour and the homely atmosphere.Above all, I was attracted to being able to improve my English skills by studying abroad in Boston while studying business.
[I improved my English skills and specialized knowledge and made friends while studying abroad]
At Showa Boston, all classes were conducted in English, but Japanese was the basis of dormitory life.My Japanese improved a lot, and my classmates who became interested in American culture while studying abroad also asked me, "What about Vietnam?", and made many friends.
After returning to Japan, I wanted to learn more in an English-speaking country and interact with international students from other countries, so I took on the challenge of studying abroad at the University of Queensland, Australia.I took specialized subjects such as real estate investment and corporate finance, and spent an intense year filled with the joy of learning while immersed in my studies.
In Australia, I was in an environment where I had to do everything myself, from applying for classes to purchasing daily necessities.I think I was able to strengthen not only my studies, but also my ability to listen, communicate, judge and act on my own.
In Australia, there are many people who have roots in various countries even in the city, and it was meaningful to be able to experience a multicultural society.
[Seeking a new environment and work and finding the vocation of internal audit]
After graduating, I got a job at a foreign trust bank to put my business knowledge and English to good use.I wanted to experience cultures other than Tokyo, so I requested the Fukuoka office.In Fukuoka, I had a lot of fun doing my daily work and going to dance classes, but after two years, I wanted to do something else, so I applied for an internal audit position at the Tokyo office.
Internal audits are the work of forming a team to review the actual business conditions of subsidiaries and affiliated companies every three months, discovering issues, and proposing improvement plans.It seems to have been my calling, and even after I moved to NEC last year, I have continued to do internal audits for overseas subsidiaries.
["Seven powers" support the growth of oneself living in society]
After going out into society, I realized again that the "seven powers" that Showa Women's University values ​​are truly "powers needed in society."The ability to live globally, the ability to speak foreign languages, and the ability to make full use of IT are now taken for granted, and I believe that communication skills, the ability to identify problems, the ability to set goals, and the ability to take action are required in any job.This is especially important for internal audit work.
And I think that all of these powers are related to the seventh power, "the power to take care of yourself."To take care of yourself, you need to take a good look at yourself.If you think about what you want to be in the future and what you need to do to achieve that, and confirm where you are lacking now, you can naturally see what you need to do and make a plan.As you act according to the plan, you will realize the necessity of the six powers and acquire them.
[Take care of yourself and take intentional and planned actions]
Students should not only learn what they have been taught, but also look at themselves, make plans, and challenge themselves to achieve their goals.Women today have many options, whether they are career women or balancing work and home.No matter which path you choose, you can imagine your future.Carefully consider whether that future image is your ideal image or a way of life that you can be satisfied with. I think it's important to act.
Luckily, Showa Women's University has a system that supports students in what they want to do, such as the Center for International Exchange (CIE) and the Career Support Center, as well as the teachers.Thank you very much for your help.If you think carefully and consult, you will surely find a path of hope and a new door will open.
In addition, the Business Design Department had both professors who taught academically and professors who had a great track record in the business world, so I was able to learn a wide range of things and think about the future from multiple perspectives.
[Developing business globally based in Japan]
Even if you say, "Make a plan for your ideal future," you don't have to be bound by that plan.As circumstances change, so do goals and plans.Before I came to Japan, I was thinking of working in Japan for a while and then returning to Vietnam, but now that I have found my calling in Japan, and I want to support my husband who is doing business in Japan, I will continue to work as an internal auditor in Japan. I want to finish my work.
In addition, last year, we opened a pancake shop in Hanoi while staying in Japan using IT.I think about the management policy, design, recipes, etc. in Japan, and my parents do the actual operation locally.This time, it is a project to introduce Japanese fluffy pancakes to Vietnam, but in the future, it may be possible to work on activities to introduce Vietnamese culture to Japan.In this way, I would like to continue to look at myself and grow intentionally and systematically toward my ideal future.
Mr. Lynn Boston
In Boston, we cooperated in classes, chatted in the dormitory, and deepened friendships with fellow classmates.
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